Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tudor Electric Football is alive and well..but the community isn't

Eye catching isn't it? That's what I thought too when I decided to check in on every boys childhood football favorite: Tudor Electric Football.

It is alive and well and flourishing with new rules, bases that go straight and even customized boards that cost $325 and more.

There are now leagues, special bases, tweaking tips, decals, custom figures and even weights to add to figures.

There are rules. And Lord help us the entire thing is an unorganized mess. You see while the sport is alive and well it is generally filled with some cantankerous old men and these old men hate the internet. They hate modern day message boards or websites that aren't from 2001. They don't like to update things. They don't like to respond to people on message boards either. You try to join leagues but no one responds. People do not reply back to you. Email addresses no longer work. Website contact forms are broken and out of date. The hobby is a closed off mess that is very hard to penetrate by an outsider. Much more so than Warhammer or games of its ilk.

I want all that to stop. But to do it one needs to force organization down their throats. Force them to update dead links and rules systems for the good of the hobby. I have started collecting everything I can but I am only one man. Therefore I am opening my own message boards and section of this blog dedicated to fixing the unorganized sites and chopped up rules documents that are floating all around.

Hell even some people in the business of selling add ons and boards for this sport cannot even put together a competent website to boost their sales. Half of their links are broken or simply don't work.

Word of mouth is good but today you need a web presence. And 1997 Tripod sites and Geocities GIFs are not going to cut it. And for GODS SAKE if people ask you a question answer them ok? Its for the good of the hobby.

The actual TUDOR site (inventors of the game and the hobby) has been down for days now and even when it is up no one answers the most common questions on the forums. There is not even a newbie starting area or a collection of starting tips. It is a mess indeed.

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