Monday, January 18, 2010

Cryptic makes state of the game post and realizes the obvious

I just read perhaps the dumbest state of game address ever wherein Cryptic relays to us, the dumb user community, that they were caught off guard at how popular Star Trek would be. Those of us who have played it know that the game is not ready for prime time and I see this message as a clever attempt to cover up everything that will go wrong launch day.

Lets take a look at this.

  • Star Trek

  • MMO

  • Gaming nerds around the world

  • Spam and advertising out the ass

  • New Star Trek movie rebooted franchise last May

Nah, there is no way in hell this game will be popular right?

Cryptic is "stunned" and "crushed" about how popular it is just two weeks before the game goes live. Two weeks. The game goes live February 2nd or the 12th I cannot remember. Does it really matter? The release date is just days away and now they are basically admitting that they are not ready. Take a look at this statement:
The actual numbers crushed our predictions. So, we tore apart our logs and began doing a lot of extra optimization work even while we stumbled upon some truly bizarre crashes that can only appear with this sort of load. The result? The shard has been steadily improving over the first few days of Open Beta. Given the hardware we're adding and a couple more fixes we have in the pipe, shard performance and stability should continue to improve over the coming week.

Oh ok I see. Glad that you are planning an MMO based around one of the biggest sci-fi franchises ever and just now upgrading your hardware. This would be like Bioware stating two weeks before release that they hadn't planned on Jedis being so popular so now they have to finish that content. Speaking of unfinished content on release the state of the game also goes on to mention Klingons getting some love for their afterthought faction play:
Better stores are coming to Qo’noS. You’ll be able to purchase disruptors, consoles, and all the things a proper warlord needs to improve his starship and clobber his pathetic, cowering enemies.

Yeah because heaven forbid you leave out stores and gear for your incomplete faction on release day. As it is now Klingons are made to level fast to catch up to the Federation players to create "pvp targets" so that it looks like that side of the game is all well and dandy. That may be some beta thing but I really doubt it.

The letter goes on to mention that the build we are using is still behind the actual work being done and yes we all know that. But that will not fix things such as me beaming down to planets as a ship, beaming up to space as a person, the terrible performance of the engine and over half a million bug submissions that are sitting in the queue right now.

Overall I see Cryptic scrambling to cover up the fact that the game is going to be released in a rushed unfinished state. I have little hope that they can clear these things up by the time the game launches and I feel like many of us will be paying to beta test. So if you bought into the lifetime subscription plan well you might as well have put in an application with Cryptic to fix the game over the next 6 months. Only you just paid them for your work.

You can read the full State of the Game message here :