Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Electric Football board has arrived

This week I embark on a journey to make my own rules system and use Electric Football to simulate football games. This will not be an easy task and I have a lot of work ahead of me but it should be fun.

Along with the Tudor Deluxe Electric Football board below I have ordered some passing sticks and better looking player models from Buzzball. They specialize in these sort of things. I should also have enough bases coming to tweak entire sets of offense and defense setups the way I like.

Ideally you want to have bases that turn, go straight and some that even backup to simulate a QB drop back.

I will be using a variety of rules to play the games. My goal eventually is to have a near board game type of football system going on with the random factor of the Electric Football board.

Below is a YouTube video I made of a set of Rookie bases (designed to go straight) right out of the package. They actually worked fairly well.