Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The fall break is over back to updates

Finally I am back with time to blog. Been a busy fall as I have kept busy just relaxing and catching up on TV and gaming titles.The first issue I wanted to address was how much No Man's Sky truly sucked. Did I call it or what? I enjoyed seeing that go down in flames and have no pity for all the suckers that preordered based on hype and faux screenshots. Enjoy that.

I decided to pull back from wargaming again as I got a little tired of going to college every time I wanted to learn the games I wanted to try. 

There is no easy way to get into wargaming without a huge time chunk being taken out of your life. To top it off I missed Heroclix and some other experiments I was doing. Naturally video games always come into play and there are a slew of great ones coming up. Titanfall 2 has exceeded expectations and we have Dishonored 2 coming up this week.

I am sticking with Great Battles of History as my go to wargame series. I ended up not liking a majority of the WW2 titles I tried and sold them off. I got out of OCS because it was too fidly. I removed the rest because..well..they are just not fun to solo play and too time consuming when getting together with friends. Besides I can play all those things and more on the PC and not have to go through the hassle of reading a novel to learn it. Also the wargaming community, aside from a few great individuals, is just snobby and annoying and as usual drives me away from the games.

My main distraction has been the glory of baseball again and coming around to the sport I had abandoned. With the Cubs winning the World Series it reignited my love for Strat O Matic baseball and got me into Out of the Park Baseball 17. I have created my own fictional league that is starting in 1900 with real players from the era but with made up teams and logos.

The game is a great baseball sandbox sim and has kept me entertained for hours.

On the video game side I have sold my PS4 as I never used it. I ended up preferring the social aspects and media abilities of the Xbox One and I have been focusing on FINISHING games I never finished on the console. I have not been using my PC to game other than OOTP17.

The Strat O Matic teams from last year are on the way as well and I will be mixing together players of all generations and redrafting teams for my I-Strat League I abandoned last year.

That is about it. Expect updates on OOTP 17 more than most things on the blog. You can also track my achievements on Exophase.Com and see how much I have churned out over the past two months or so.


Stay tuned for more on that Fictional Baseball League as we kick off our inaugural season in 1900.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Panzer Battles Normandy: Cristot Turn 5 of 12

Turn 5 saw a whole bunch of combat go down across the entire map for this scenario

Waffen SS had finally stopped the 8th Armored Division from penetrating any further by disrupting then assaulting the Sherman tank that had broken through the lines south of Audrieu. Surrounded the tank crew was forced into surrender.

Further north in le Bas d'Audrieu the 50th Northumbrian attempted to assault elements of the 26th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment holding the 25 point victory hex but were repulsed.

South of les Hauts Vents the 8th Armored was stopped on the road by 2 Panthers of SS Panzer Regiment 12. The SS in turn lost the last Panther and suffered some casualties but two more Panthers were brought up to plug the gap going toe to toe with 6 Allied tanks.

To the north of the battle near Brouay Allied armor was pushing toward the northermost 25 point victory hex. This was stopped since I brought some Panthers and Artillery north in turn 4. Dispersed and smashed the Allies were forced to pull back.

Back toward Audrieu Whitman went shot for shot with Allied tanks trying to advance up the road.

Back north at Brouay the SS Panzergrenadiers assaulted and cleared out Allied infantry giving the Wermacht room to breath and reform around the objective.

At the end of turn 5 here is an overall snapshot of the battlefield with objective points still securely in German hands.

Barbarossa Army Group North: Learning Scenario Part 2