Friday, April 18, 2014

Crying boardgamers and their "fair" house rules

Lately I have lost every single #boardgame I have played. I have lost consecutive games of #EldritchHorror and #ElderSign as well as#CallofCthulhu  LCG. I am starting to see a pattern here: I am cursed by the Old Ones. 

Of course on Boardgame Geek there are those that seek to fix these "hard games" because they feel it is unfair to actually lose something and their poor gaming group doesn't have fun. Quit your crying. So there are things that happen in game that cause you to miss a turn? Well boo hoo how sad. They believe that every game should be won with happy rainbows and smiley clowns. I'm getting a little sick of these people trying to nerf every hard game on #BGG and rating it down because some Euro Gaming whiner in their click cries about not being able to do something on a turn because he took a stupid move.

How about trying this one for size: How about getting devoured by an Ancient One and dying instantly by a sequence of events set forth by your OWN TEAMMATE. +Don Anderson spent a night in jail in Rome due to some lewd conduct no doubt and then in order to get out made a pact with evil. When the time came to pay up guess what? He had me devoured. Try that on for size. 

I am going to try to solo Eldritch Horror this weekend and hopefully my colossal awesomeness can overcome being handicapped by backstabbing teammates. Lets see how it goes. 

I game for the stories and the mental exertion. Honestly if I miss a turn or we lose I find it funny. If someone in my gaming group gets their pants in a wad and starts whining about the gameplay mechanics in what is otherwise a great game I would just laugh harder. Kick back and relax. Enjoy the ride. I was bored as all get out playing Descent 2 but I didn't complain. Well maybe after I lost 3 times in a row as the Overlord but no one remembers that right?

Heroes of the Storm: the MOBA that is barely a MOBA

The MOBA that is barely a MOBA. 

So far it is fun but man is this a stripped down MOBA. It causes you to focus on tactics and combat rather than gear. Blizzard also threw a few changes in there such as recruiting the creeps you would normally hunt for gold. There are also underground areas that you can go into while fighting goes on above. There are numerous events you can unleash and the leveling is pretty much brainless. For a MOBA hater like myself this makes the game much more appealing. You can even summon a mount to make those tedious returns to the front after you get owned more enjoyable.

As you play just focus on tactics and winning. The game does the rest. You will get XP and when the time comes to choose a level based reward you will pick a new talent ala World of Warcraft. Therefore you can change your playstyle on the fly. There are walls to batter down, healing fountains back at base and a few other hidden surprises. So far I would much rather spend my time in a MOBA like this than League of Legends or DOTA 2. Basically it is the MOBA for MOBA idiots like myself and those that shun them in general. Or even for those that don't understand them which seems to be the entire player base over the age of 35. 

Here are some Tech Alpha screenshots:

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wildstar gameplay 16 minutes worth

I am in the Wildstar beta. Here is about 16 minutes of gameplay showing vendors, questing, outdoor snowy area and some other things like combat.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

My descent into Digital Trading Card Games

Lately I have been satiating my love of trading card games by dabbling in the ever expanding market of online digital trading card games. I guess Hearthstone really kicked this off however I grew weary of Hearthstone pretty quickly. While not a TERRIBLE game Hearthstone had a bit too much minion spam in it for my liking and was a little too basic.

I later found Infinity Wars, Sol Forge and Hex: Shards of Fate. All 3 of those games have much more depth. Sol Forge has the least amount of depth of the 3 but still has an interesting concept. Infinity Wars introduces a new way of playing where the turns are resolved after everything has been laid out and Hex promises to add card configuration, quests and more. As an aside I have not given up on Might and Magic Duel of Champions I just don't like the mechanics in that game as much.

Of the three I have tried Infinity Wars comes out on top for gameplay, artistic merit and easiest UI use. I have not had too much of a chance to dive into Hex yet. Be warned that if you wish to try that it will be a 50 dollar buy in since the Kickstarter is over. Sol Forge is the weakest of the 3 with the least amount of content and feels the most like a tablet app. Hopefully the cards and look will improve over time.

Infinity Wars has gorgeous artwork and it is animated. Many of you that may follow me on Twitter and Google + have seen me post these cards and they are amazing. I also like the lore and sci fi aspect. The game truly feels like a war on the front and even features artillery cards and flying units. Infinity Wars however can be the most frustrating of the 3 as you really must plan ahead and observe EVERYTHING. As the cards do not resolve until you click end turn you must know who has priority that turn and what will trigger and when. However the campaign that is included is so well done and fun that by the time you finish all 50+ games you will have a grasp on it. Speaking of it being Free To Play you can earn rares and entire decks just by playing the campaigns which is nice. I have already built up a nice collection. Infinity Wars, being the more popular of the 3, has suffered however from being the most bug ridden and having the most server downtime.

Sol Forge is a simple game with layers hidden under it that I am now just discovering. At first I hated it. However they have a clever pull in that everyday you log in you get a free card and with a daily win against even an easy computer bot you can win more cards. The game features a unique card level up mechanism that plays much like a deck builder and forces you to plan ahead on what uber cards you want in your hand near the end of the game.

Hex is the most typical of all the games. It features tapping, chains, interrupts and all the things you expect from a collectible card game. However this is the one I have played the least. Hex is the most professionally presented and it should be for the buy in as you are paying for a full computer game.

All in all it has kept me busy. I highly recommend trying out Infinity Wars and Sol Forge at the moment. Keep in mind that Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Hearthstone are all viable options as well for online play. On tablets I have had a good time playing the iOS Ascension game as well but this article is mainly about PC titles.