Saturday, April 7, 2018

Finally got some live Magic the Gathering under my belt

Played about 10 games in a row with Crabby Gamer this weekend. I had purchased 3 of the Planeswalker starter decks and he had one.

We swapped pre made decks back and forth for the games to test them out. I would have to say his death deck, led by Vraska, was particularly nasty and gave me fits all day. Though I crushed him in at least 2 games his victories were far more convincing over me. Mostly due to poor card draw but I could tell that he had a good set of cards that was well balanced and he played them perfectly. We will NEVER be competitive players and we are strictly casual but it was still a great time proving that casual Magic can be super fun.

With the starters we got two boosters per box so I have 6 packs to open. I will use those to tweak my starter decks a bit.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

I post a lot more on Instagram and so do many board wargamers

Crazy I know right? But for boardgaming and games in general it is an easy outlet for me to take short vids, gaming shots and more. Plus I mix in a little movies and video games. 

It may sound crazy but Instagram, when used properly and not in some Kardashian makeup promotion method, can be used to quickly get the word out a lot faster than boring over drawn blog posts.

And lets face it...blogging is so 2004. I prefer my info an with less pontification.

My blog is good for a mass story or AAR recap, but I have done that on Instagram as well. 

At any rate give me a follow and check it out. You may be surprised. Some other good war boardgamers (notice I said WAR boardgamers) on Instagram are:
GMT Games account :
Kyle Travels:
Wargamer John:
Stanley Gaming Guild:
Cardboard Horde:
Matt Kantor: 
Jonas Multing:  


My Instagram has a little of everything but the people above really do wargaming well. So get out of your ANTI Instagram philosophy and check them out