Thursday, May 7, 2020

Conan Exiles Update 40: Followers II (AI stances and command system) + The Architects of Argos DLC pack!

Coming hot on the trails of our previous content patch, conveniently titled Followers I 11, and as announced in our producer letter 9, we feel now ready to deploy on all platforms our next game update: Followers II!

Friday, May 1, 2020

Fix a leaking Keurig for FREE! Grounds and Water on K Cup

Went on YouTube in an all out search to fix this

Turns out its a gasket. I have a K- Elite not the same model in video

This worked. I was getting grounds and water all over the top of the k cup. Saw this video, went downstairs among the 6 boxes of former Samsung phones I have, and stuck one of the earbuds up over the needle. Machine works again.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

John Tiller's Panzer Campaigns Stalingrad 42 Tutorial Part 1

I will be going over this live on Twitch TV on my channel later this Saturday 3/7/2020 and you can always check out the replay later at

Nizhne-Chirskaya, 80kms W of Stalingrad, Aug 18th 1942: This is a "What If" scenario. After the German 6th Army's headlong dash toward Stalingrad, the Don presented itself as quite an obstacle. "What If" German engineers had been sent, with a small protecting force, to repair the bridges at Nizhne-Chirskaya? "What If" the Russians had sent a reconnaissance in force to neutralize these engineers? 

GMT Games Roads to Moscow: Part 1 Introduction