Thursday, February 7, 2019

Ultron goes down

Rocket, Cap, The Wasp, Iron Man and Captain Britain smash Ultron while the villain pile had almost expired. Break out of the Negative Zone was the scheme and the city was full. If 11 villains escaped we would lose and all hell would break loose. Ultron was leading the way, he had opened a portal and was looking to create complete chaos.

5 villains had escaped and we finally played a 25 attack hand, taking Ultron out when he had two tactics left. He was at 20 total attack, 10 for each tactic because he had threat warned only one color so far: red. Right before the girlfriend took her turn I had rescued a gold Cap from the pile, taking Ultron down to 10 from 11. That opened the door for her to unleash a flurry of attacks that smashed him just in time as things were getting to a breaking point.

Marvel Legendary continues to weave a good tale. Hell even Lockjaw showed up.