Monday, April 25, 2011

Ogres and WW2 28mm Disposable Heroes

I started painting my Ogre army on Monday after getting it all assembled and ready to go. I fight another 2k battle with them Tuesday night after fighting with them last Wednesday. I got a draw against a Dwarf army, with about a 85 point difference.

Along with Warhammer Fantasy a friend and I have started adventuring into 28mm Skirmish WW2 territory since Flames of War was a pretty big let down for us. Along with not liking the scale of 15mm we didnt like how FOW basically played like Warhammer 40k with WW2 figures. For 28mm WW2 we will be using the Disposable Heroes rules set since it covers all periods of the war and can even allow 1940 armies to battle it out.

Disposable Heroes is by Iron Ivan Games which you can find at this site:

They have a huge amount of add ons and books ready for you take the war into any time period including the Pacific front. The rules are concise, quick and make sense unlike a certain sci fi 28mm skirmish game I know of.

There are tons of places to get miniatures like


The game includes air strikes, artillery, amphibious landings even grenade throwing. I will let everyone know how this endeavor goes later next week. For now it is OGRE TIME!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Episode 10 of the BFG Podcast is now available! We cover Deathwatch RPG, Florida 40k Battles, Warhammer Fantasy Mega Battle and more!

  • In the news MORE Tomb Kings and some information about Ogre Kingdoms

  • This week we discuss Deathwatch 40k RPG from Fantasy Flight games

  • 40k Battle Results from Florida

  • War Realm Warhammer Fantasy Mega Battle in Chicago Burbs

  • The playbook featuring cannonballs and Grey Knight goodness

  • A new segment called Unit of the Show where we cover some Wood Elves and Grey Knights

Podcast Episode links:

Listen directly below or check out our Pod O Matic Page here:



Saturday, April 16, 2011

3 on 3 3000 point battle results for our club's Warhammer Fantasy game

Our Warhammer Fantasy club fought a 3 on 3 battle Saturday at a friends place in Elk Grove Illinois. Paul was gracious enough to host and we battled out good vs evil style with Dwarves, Bretonnians and High Elves against Beastmen, Ogres and Orcs and Goblins.

From the outset the evil side had issues getting any magic off and the Ogres landed no buffs until turn 4 with a Toothcracker. In turn 1 some spot on shooting from the good guys forced the evil right flank to break and run and from then on it was all downhill. The beastmen were the first on the evil side to get wiped out and by turn 5 the ogres and a fleeing goblin unit were all that was left of our dastardly alliance.

You can view all the pics here:

and as always another great day of gaming. Also check out our club Twitter feed at for a blow by blow account!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Clarifying Ogre Gut Magic

You would be surprised how many people do not know about or use Ogre Gut Magic wrongly.

As of the 1.2 FAQ for Ogre Kingdoms when the third paragraph on page 60 of the OK Army Book under Casting Gut Magic was replaced a few interesting things happened to Ogre Magic.

  • Their buff spells are no longer considered Remains in Play and can be stacked on a unit.

  • They have new special rules about having their spells dispelled

  • They no longer have the two dice or three dice limit on spell casting they used to have.

This means you could stack multiple Toothcrackers or Bullgorgers on an Ogre unit (as an example). They are easily dispelled yes but the effect can be devastating.

To read more about this head on over to the Ogre Stronghold or Dakka Dakka

Or perhaps talk to the Ogre player vets themselves:

Matt Franklin @public_enigma on Twitter and see what the tournament lads do.




Sunday, April 10, 2011

Warhammer Storm of Magic announced for summer

Not sure what this is all about but it is a new article on the Games Workshop site announcing a new expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

It reads as follows:
"Storm of Magic - when the eight winds howl...

The Winds of Magic are tumultuous. Drawn by Morrslieb, they are prone to rise from a strong gale into a howling tempest. And when they do no kingdom or realm is safe.

Monsters awaken from their slumber and are summoned from their lairs at the bidding of sorcerous masters. Armies assemble, ready to defend their borders or seize the opportunity to gain limitless power. It is in these desperate times tenuous pacts between wizards and creatures of darkness are sealed to create alliances never thought possible.

A time of doom and great deeds is at hand. Will you rise to meet the storm?

Announcing the impending arrival of Storm of Magic, the latest and largest Expansion for Warhammer, the Game of Fantasy Battles. Launched in July 2011, Storm of Magic describes what happens when great eldritch maelstroms roil across the lands. Magic becomes far more powerful and there is a whole range of Cataclysm spells to cast, unleashing untold devastation on the enemy. Arcane Fulcrums burst from the ground, not only acting as loci for the swirling energies that pervade a battle fought amidst the Storm of Magic, but changing the way a Warhammer tabletop looks and interacts with your armies. With such things so crucial to your Storm of Magic games a new range of Warhammer scenery and Wizards will soon be released in time for you to wage cataclysmic battles.

Then there are the monsters. When the Winds of Magic blow with such strength, the fell creatures of the world gravitate towards the tempest, slithering from deep tunnels or emerging from mountain lairs.

With the new Expansion allowing you to use so many different creatures there are a whole host of new monstrous plastic kits on their way. July is still a few months away; we are in the calm before the storm so now is the time to prepare. Bolster your forces, prepare your regiments and summon your wizards in time for the ultimate war. Keep checking White Dwarf and the website for updates, for when the storm hits nowhere will be safe!""


I can only hope it is not some crappy Apocalypse rip off for Fantasy. Apocalypse was terrible and adding that to Warhammer Fantasy would be a shame.

Friday, April 8, 2011

More Army Builder updates

Army builder has seen a slew of updates the past week taking it all the way to version 2.26 for Warhammer Fantasy (as of April 8th) and 1.20 of Warhammer 40k (April 5th). For more information check out the Lone Wolf Development site or grab the update when you start up Army Builder.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blunt Force Gamer Podcast Episode 9: Adepticon wrap up, Tomb Kings, Grey Knights and some Bloodbowl

Episode 9 welcomes back Jonny P as well as co host Darryl as we talk about:

- Grey Knights

- Tomb Kings

- Adepticon pros and cons

- Bloodbowl Stupor Bowl

- Magnetizing bases in Warhammer Fantasy

Feel free to follow us on Twitter at: @bluntforcegamer

Podcast Episode links:

Listen directly below or check out our Pod O Matic Page here:


Tomb King pre orders are live, Adepticon final stats

Adepticon newsletter went out last night and the final attendance stats are included in the letter as well as news about the 10th anniversary plans for next year. Here is a snip:
The AdeptiCon Council would like to thank you for your participation in making AdeptiCon 2011 our largest and most successful year ever. Over 1500 attendees took part in our tournaments, seminars, demos, and other events that filled all of the available convention space in the Yorktown Westin. Friendships were renewed, (friendly) rivalries resolved (or not) and attendees experienced non-stop excitement from Thursday night through Sunday. The AdeptiCon Council would like to thank our attendees for participating in the AdeptiCon 2011 weekend.

In the next few weeks, we'll be releasing our own coverage of the weekend's events, including pictures, tournament results and much more.  Also, stay tuned for some important announcements, including the dates for AdeptiCon 2012, our 10th year.  If you think that we're going to do everything possible to make sure that our 10th year is something extra-special... you're right!

In other news the new Tomb King army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles has gone live for pre order on the Games Workshop site. Stay tuned for the upcoming Blunt Force Gamer podcast where we will talk about this and much more:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Tomb Kings images impress even anti Tomb Kings people

Just spotted on the web and now placed here for your enjoyment are new images from the upcoming May release of Tomb Kings from Games Workshop for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Click the image for a larger picture.




Thanks Worlds End Radio!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Adepticon 2011 Day 1

Day 1 is in the books for me but I will be back for day two tomorrow with a recharged iPhone.

Want to see the days views and pictures?

Check out or 55 pictures over on our Picasa web album here:

Visit our Facebook page for video uploads:

Check out our YouTube page: