Monday, April 25, 2011

Ogres and WW2 28mm Disposable Heroes

I started painting my Ogre army on Monday after getting it all assembled and ready to go. I fight another 2k battle with them Tuesday night after fighting with them last Wednesday. I got a draw against a Dwarf army, with about a 85 point difference.

Along with Warhammer Fantasy a friend and I have started adventuring into 28mm Skirmish WW2 territory since Flames of War was a pretty big let down for us. Along with not liking the scale of 15mm we didnt like how FOW basically played like Warhammer 40k with WW2 figures. For 28mm WW2 we will be using the Disposable Heroes rules set since it covers all periods of the war and can even allow 1940 armies to battle it out.

Disposable Heroes is by Iron Ivan Games which you can find at this site:

They have a huge amount of add ons and books ready for you take the war into any time period including the Pacific front. The rules are concise, quick and make sense unlike a certain sci fi 28mm skirmish game I know of.

There are tons of places to get miniatures like


The game includes air strikes, artillery, amphibious landings even grenade throwing. I will let everyone know how this endeavor goes later next week. For now it is OGRE TIME!