Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tomb King pre orders are live, Adepticon final stats

Adepticon newsletter went out last night and the final attendance stats are included in the letter as well as news about the 10th anniversary plans for next year. Here is a snip:
The AdeptiCon Council would like to thank you for your participation in making AdeptiCon 2011 our largest and most successful year ever. Over 1500 attendees took part in our tournaments, seminars, demos, and other events that filled all of the available convention space in the Yorktown Westin. Friendships were renewed, (friendly) rivalries resolved (or not) and attendees experienced non-stop excitement from Thursday night through Sunday. The AdeptiCon Council would like to thank our attendees for participating in the AdeptiCon 2011 weekend.

In the next few weeks, we'll be releasing our own coverage of the weekend's events, including pictures, tournament results and much more.  Also, stay tuned for some important announcements, including the dates for AdeptiCon 2012, our 10th year.  If you think that we're going to do everything possible to make sure that our 10th year is something extra-special... you're right!

In other news the new Tomb King army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles has gone live for pre order on the Games Workshop site. Stay tuned for the upcoming Blunt Force Gamer podcast where we will talk about this and much more: