About Hudson

Hudson's Hideout is a boardgaming, sports, PC gaming, and entertainment blog.

I have gamed since 1982 starting with the smallest Avalon Hill title and Dungeons and Dragons and played all the way through to the new century. I try to provide the best coverage I can on as many games as I can. Primarily my blog covers boardgaming and MMO's but expect to see the occasional article on TV and movies as well. I don't really have a narrow focus here. I also cover sportscards and sports in general.

You can follow me on Twitter @gamer_hudson and

on Google + at  https://plus.google.com/u/0/102682922008272370123/posts

Currently I am playing boardgames as well as PC wargames but I have been known to go through my MMO phase as well. I tend to blog less about those as there are plenty more competent blogs out there doing that already.

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