Sunday, July 15, 2018

John Tiller's Panzer Battles gets huge UI update

I think I may be a bit late on this but the Panzer Battle series continues to be the preeminent wargame title on the PC with its latest update.

It features a UI button overhaul (dont worry you can use the classic tool bar still) and plenty of neat new features like terrain combat modifiers and a redone map. A full list of features after the picture. Of course you can buy all his titles on his website at

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Finally got some live Magic the Gathering under my belt

Played about 10 games in a row with Crabby Gamer this weekend. I had purchased 3 of the Planeswalker starter decks and he had one.

We swapped pre made decks back and forth for the games to test them out. I would have to say his death deck, led by Vraska, was particularly nasty and gave me fits all day. Though I crushed him in at least 2 games his victories were far more convincing over me. Mostly due to poor card draw but I could tell that he had a good set of cards that was well balanced and he played them perfectly. We will NEVER be competitive players and we are strictly casual but it was still a great time proving that casual Magic can be super fun.

With the starters we got two boosters per box so I have 6 packs to open. I will use those to tweak my starter decks a bit.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

I post a lot more on Instagram and so do many board wargamers

Crazy I know right? But for boardgaming and games in general it is an easy outlet for me to take short vids, gaming shots and more. Plus I mix in a little movies and video games. 

It may sound crazy but Instagram, when used properly and not in some Kardashian makeup promotion method, can be used to quickly get the word out a lot faster than boring over drawn blog posts.

And lets face it...blogging is so 2004. I prefer my info an with less pontification.

My blog is good for a mass story or AAR recap, but I have done that on Instagram as well. 

At any rate give me a follow and check it out. You may be surprised. Some other good war boardgamers (notice I said WAR boardgamers) on Instagram are:
GMT Games account :
Kyle Travels:
Wargamer John:
Stanley Gaming Guild:
Cardboard Horde:
Matt Kantor: 
Jonas Multing:  


My Instagram has a little of everything but the people above really do wargaming well. So get out of your ANTI Instagram philosophy and check them out

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Liberty or Death: Short Sprint Scenario Turns 1-2

This special scenario in the back of the LoD rulebook has only 20 event cards and no brilliant strokes. I will be playing the Patriots and French.

The opening card is "British Prison Ships", and the first faction is the British and they play the card.

"More Patriots died through neglect as prisoners of war on British prison ships than died in every battle of the war combined"

Shift two Cities one level each toward Passive Support. Charlestown and Norfolk get shifted randomly.

The Patriots are up next and they decide, with George Washington, to move on New York state. The amount of forces they have staged in Pennsylvania allow them to move in force on New York and they plan to skirmish with the next ability. As they enter New York state they discover an Indian War Party. In the skirmish phase they eliminate two units of British regulars and lose a Colonial unit in the process.

The Patriots had moved in 5 colonials and George Washington. Perhaps overkill perhaps not. Now that the Patriots out number the British (by 1... 7-6 total, including the Indians there) they seize control of the province. The casualties are added to the box and the casualties amount is raised on the record track.

At the end of that card the Brits and the Patriots go to ineligible. The next card flipped favors the rebellion and its Comte d’Orvilliers Builds a Fleet at Brest. The French play the shaded event and raise the FNI, taking three resources from the British and blockading New York City. This also takes 3 precious resource points from the British.

"In 1777 D’Orvilliers was appointed Lieutenant-General of the Navy and worked to prepare the navy for conflict with the British including the preparation of a fleet in Brest"

Play goes next to the Native Indians, and per the flowchart they gather to raise forces. South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia are the targets. Per the flowchart they then trade ONE with the British (who didnt have to trade at all but were nice), this exposes a war party in South Carolina (one MUST be exposed when trading) and that part of the turn ends. 

The British fall to 2 resources and the Indians raise to 1.  More to come..

Thursday, March 15, 2018


 The first card I pull in my learning game is this one. That puts the FARC as the first faction to go and then probably will take the unshaded event as the rulebook mentions the left most first faction will always do the event. Talk about getting taxed.

FARC protection rejected: All Cartels Guerrillas in spaces with FARC free Attack FARC.
 Schedule of fees: Cartels transfers 3 Resources to FARC for each space with Cartels Base and FARC   Guerrilla

The FARC had a precise schedule of fees, gramaje, that it charged to drug producers and smugglers for protection and other services. Though imposed by the guerrillas, these taxes served as a US argument that the FARC and the drug lords were in cahoots.

Odd first card here in my game as you see two potential "allies" going at it. Obviously the FARC player will pick an action that does not allow the next faction to play that unshaded event. Part of the mind game of a COIN series is thinking ahead and screwing your opponent over. This card refers to weight or fees that the FARC would impose.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Andean Abyss begins? Maybe

I managed to get it set up and take a few pics to chronicle my journey as the Government of Colombia attempts to take on the drug cartels that rule the land outside the cities. 

Medellin looks quiet and secure at the start of a #AndeanAbyss game... but communist #FARC forces loom in the jungles of Choco-Cordoba. The National Police of Colombia (Spanish: Policía Nacional de Colombia) is the national police force of Colombia. Although the National Police is not part of the Military Forces of Colombia (Army, Navy, and Air Force), it constitutes along with them the "Public Force" and is also controlled by the Ministry of Defense. 

Cali on the other hand is not in the control of the police. In the picture below green is a cartel guerrilla and a cartel base.

The Cali Cartel was based in southern Colombia, around the city of Cali and the Valle del Cauca Department. Its founders were the Rodríguez Orejuela brothers, Gilberto and Miguel, and José Santacruz Londoño, also known as "Chepe". They broke away from Pablo Escobar and his Medellin associates in the late 1980s when Hélmer Herrera, also known as "Pacho", joined what became a four-man executive board that ran the cartel.
With connections to British and Israeli mercenaries, allies among countries, countless spies and informants in the government, and its vast intelligence and surveillance network throughout the city of Santiago de Cali, the cartel was once renowned and compared to the Soviet KGB by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which called it, "One of the most powerful crime syndicates in history", later dubbed "The Cali KGB".

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Having fun with price jacking Ebay asshat sellers

This is actually more fun than some of the games they are selling. I love this guy's response. No remorse whatsoever.

They are very intricate DONT YA KNOW JEEZ. My question to him is at the bottom, his answer up top.

Monday, March 5, 2018

A RANT to Ebay Boardgame hoarders

 I got two more COIN games this weekend.

One was Andean Abyss and one was Falling Sky. At first I was rather shocked at the prices people wanted on Ebay so I just went to Boardgame Geek Market. Problem solved.

Why do Ebay hoarders insist on listing this stuff for 120 dollars and up when people will just go to Board Game Geek and find them from people that don't jack up the prices?

Noble Knight games is a prime offender in this category. (

Then there are people like this douche selling Falling Sky for 174 dollars

I mean seriously no one SANE of mind is going to pay for your bullshit garbage listing. Give me a break. 

How about this fine seller clocking in at 180 dollars? REALLY?

How about this one. A MAGAZINE (granted it includes a paper fold out game by Chadwick) for a $139 bucks. YES...A FUCKING MAGAZINE. Does it come with 2 kilo's of Colombian blow? Or how about blow and prostitutes? IT BETTER!

These are the same people giving credence that its "cool" to pay $400 + dollars for some over hyped Advanced Squad Leader module. FUCK OFF

On the way are Andean Abyss and Falling Sky (just because its out of print doesnt mean you need to list it for $120 dollars give me a fucking break. Its a boardgame not some rare porcelain vase from a Chinese temple)

Of course there are also people that buy 5-6 copies of a game and spine them on the shelf just perfectly posed for that ever so annoying Board Game Shelfie photo. I don't know what's worse...Keeping up with the Kardashians or board gamers that constantly spam shelfie photos of some rare foreign version of Tokaido they go that has stainless steels bamboo rods instead of whatever plastic the original components are made of.

Is this image necessary....are THIS MANY GAMES NEEDED?  Why? I suppose we all have our collection issues sure. But a boardgame is wasted money and useless just sitting there if its been rotated out of your play schedule or generally disliked. If you think you will not use it or it is a poor single player or co op game why do people do this to themselves? Sentimental value perhaps? Why do I see some wargamers with 8 copies of Holland 44? WHY?  I mean I don't even know 8 people in real life that play that game.

I guess in the end you cant complain. I mean they technically fetch better money on the market than baseball cards. Unless of course you get the on introverted weirdo that hates highlighting in his rulebook and refuses to pay you or wants a refund when he spots it after he gets his near pristine game in record 2 day shipping time. I mean you HAVE heard of this thing called a PDF right GMT gamers? You can just download the most updated rulebook you asshat.

SERIOUSLY WTF. MAN O WAR REALLY? I play GW games and haven't seen anyone play that fucking thing since 1993 for shits sake

Coupled with the snarky YouTube comments on my channel with the likes of "Well...obviously you don't know what you're doing because a unit 4 miles behind a supply truck only operates at 1/4 fuel supply" and you will quickly understand why I got out of wargaming and boardgaming in general.

But needless to say I got my COIN games coming and I will continue to post BLATANTLY labelled tutorial videos just to fuck with your heads. If you want to explain to me in a nice manner how the FUCK to play some of these games with shitty non indexed rules written for a nuclear scientist that is fine. Until then I will continue to play at MY PACE and learn the game the best I can with what I got at my disposal. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

San Francisco vs. Cleveland Week 2 1970 - Comeback kids?

An amazing second half 49'er comeback was stifled by a late game interception as the 49'ers were on a game winning drive.

After benching Steve Spurrier in the second half, 49'er coach Dick Nolan relied on John Brodie to spark the offense. Down 28-7 at halftime things looked grim.

Cleveland had no answer however for the adjustments the opponent made in the second half and would score no more points.

In the second half the 49'ers shut out Cleveland and put up 19 unanswered points to almost come back and win. A controversial 2 point attempt earlier in the game was the difference as San Francisco dominated time of possession and the running game but careless passes by Spurrier in the first half put them too far behind. The game was punctuated with a Nunley 15 yard fumble recovery that put the 49'ers within 2 with about 2 minutes left. Driving downfield Brodie was almost within field goal range but threw a last second interception.

The 49'ers go into week 3 at 0-2 and the surprising Browns are 2-0 and leading their division.

"We did everything we were supposed to do in this one but protect the ball. I haven't made a decision on next week's starter yet. I was impressed with the running of Cunningham." said San Francisco head coach Dick Nolan.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Butkus and the Bears stifle the lowly Eagles

Knocked out of the game early Bears QB Jack Concannon may face some controversy after Bobby Douglass came in and played a great game against the hapless Eagles in week 2 of the 1970 season

Looking for a spark the Monsters of the Midway found it in their tough defense and punishing running game as they controlled the ball and blanked the Eagles (now 0-2) 23-0.

Concannon was knocked out in the 3rd quarter and so far this year has 4 INT's and a low rating of 30.5 on the season. Douglass came in and threw TD strikes of 20 and 26 yards. On the day however the Chicago Bear rushing game was bruising, amassing over 180 yards including a 46 yard run by Don Shy.

The Eagles and Bears played a scoreless first half but after adjusting at halftime the Bears went deep and ran up the middle to shred the Eagles. The Bears are now 1-1 after losing in week one 17-10. Eagles coach Jerry Williams will have to take a long look at his paltry QB situation as Norm Snead is only throwing at a 29.6 rating with no TD's and 2 INT's so far.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Action PC Football: NY Jets vs. Boston Patriots Week 2 1970

The Jets were looking to recover from a devastating week one loss to Cleveland by a point and took out their anger on the Boston Patriots who came in after getting trounced by Miami. The day looked promising as the Jets stormed out to a 14-7 lead but both defenses were stubborn and Boston tied it at 14 on the running of Jim Nance.

The Jets suffered a horrible blow to their Super Bowl hopes when Namath was injured for the year and carried off on a cart with a leg fracture. A few plays later the ever dependable Matt Snell went down for the season with a twisted knee.

Woodall came in to guide the Jets to a final late touchdown throwing a second TD pass to Maynard who had 101 yards on the day. Snell and Boozer could not seem to get going and the Jets running game was anemic.

The only bright spot for Boston was Nance who had 69 yards rushing and a touchdown.

Jets coach Weeb Ewbank mentioned that with two of his stars out for the year now the rest of the team would have to step up and Boozer would be their main back. He did not comment on a permanent starter to replace Namath in Week 3.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Taking out a Pukei Pukei - Monster Hunter World

Pukei-Pukei slightly resembles a chameleon, and its eyes are similar to frogs. It has a pair of wings and is covered in green scales that vary in color throughout its body excluding its underbelly. Its underbelly is covered in white osteoderm-like protrusions. Despite being reptilian in nature, Pukei-Pukei has vibrant feathers around its neck and wings.

Friday, February 2, 2018

What is a Sports Card Box Break?

One of the nice things about buying a team and then missing the break is that a good sports card box breaker will post the results that night. Now I can go back and see what I missed. The way this is done is as below. I had a team in this break and missed it. So I tuned in the next day to see what I got.

A sports card break is a process where you buy a specific team. When all teams are bought by people the boxes are opened and you get all the cards of the team you purchased. Now the important thing to note is the year of the cards you are buying into. Of course the rookies on teams that came into the NFL that year will make those teams MORE expensive because you have a chance of getting super rare cards. For example some teams with no good rookies or shitty players that year may be $9.00 to buy into, but a team like Dallas in 2016 (Ezekiel Elliott rookie for example: may go as high as $79.00 but you have a chance to "hit" on a card that is worth $600.

It is a gambling like situation so make sure you look up the checklist of the set you are buying into to know what you can get. You can find a good source for that here:

Quite fascinating really. The main source of all breaks is a channel that is quite like a collectors Twitch Gaming Channel and it is called Breakers TV. You can find it here:

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Monster Hunter: World The first victim

The first monster you have to kill in the tutorial is a Greater Jagras. I had issues with this one the first time I tried it because I didnt get a damn thing that was going on. I made a new character and paid attention and since I play Dark Souls and Bloodborne I learned the evading very fast. I managed to find him this time and take him out. The camera is a little wonky in this game that is my only complaint so far. As far as content goes this game has more for 60 bucks than all of some recently released titles PLUS their DLC (I'M LOOKING AT YOU DESTINY 2)

Action PC Football Replays: Cin vs. Oak and Pitt vs. Hou Week 1 1970

Two more replay results. One I did not play and auto simmed and one I did play and lost. The auto simmed game was very interesting. It featured one of the worst offensive outputs yet in the first week from the Bengals.

Take a look at the offensive drives in this game and the Bengals team stats. They were 1-14 on 3rd downs. Let that sink in.

The next game I played the pre 1974 good Steelers and just could not  move the ball. I played admirably on defense but I could not score to save my life. I ended up losing 13-7 and a missed field goal and several Bradshaw interceptions that did me in. At one point I was in position to win this game but the fates would not allow it.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Action PC Football: 1970 Replay Week 1 Dolphins vs. Patriots

Watch as I coach the Miami Dolphins against the then Boston Patriots in a total blowout....for which team? Find out. Watch here and also watch on my TwitchTV channel:


Monday, January 15, 2018

Action PC Football 1970 League Replay

Got my Action PC Football up to date and, along with a new Instagram account covering players from the 1970's (located here: I am replaying the entire season but with 16 games. I am only playing a few teams manually each week. I started week one by playing the Jets against the Browns and the Jets lost a heartbreaker due to a pass interference call and two missed Jim Turner field goals. I then played Minnesota and got stomped as Len Dawson passed all over my defense. The Purple People Eaters had a good day up front though.

If you want to see the full Jets game replay see the YouTube video below. Also in this post is a picture of the final stats. Snell had quite the day.

Janerrus Homebrew adventure: Return to Town

I got nailed with the flu and that has taken me offline for about a week for D&D and streaming. But last Tuesday I managed to prop myself up enough before the flu really set in to play the next round of the Janerrus Home Brew my friend made. This is mostly a return to town, RP session and I still have to level up my characters. So this video isn't the most exciting of things to watch but you can get a sense of how much had to be done once I returned to town with all 4 of my characters.