Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Monster Hunter: World The first victim

The first monster you have to kill in the tutorial is a Greater Jagras. I had issues with this one the first time I tried it because I didnt get a damn thing that was going on. I made a new character and paid attention and since I play Dark Souls and Bloodborne I learned the evading very fast. I managed to find him this time and take him out. The camera is a little wonky in this game that is my only complaint so far. As far as content goes this game has more for 60 bucks than all of some recently released titles PLUS their DLC (I'M LOOKING AT YOU DESTINY 2)

Action PC Football Replays: Cin vs. Oak and Pitt vs. Hou Week 1 1970

Two more replay results. One I did not play and auto simmed and one I did play and lost. The auto simmed game was very interesting. It featured one of the worst offensive outputs yet in the first week from the Bengals.

Take a look at the offensive drives in this game and the Bengals team stats. They were 1-14 on 3rd downs. Let that sink in.

The next game I played the pre 1974 good Steelers and just could not  move the ball. I played admirably on defense but I could not score to save my life. I ended up losing 13-7 and a missed field goal and several Bradshaw interceptions that did me in. At one point I was in position to win this game but the fates would not allow it.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Action PC Football: 1970 Replay Week 1 Dolphins vs. Patriots

Watch as I coach the Miami Dolphins against the then Boston Patriots in a total blowout....for which team? Find out. Watch here and also watch on my TwitchTV channel: https://www.twitch.tv/gamerhudson


Monday, January 15, 2018

Action PC Football 1970 League Replay

Got my Action PC Football up to date and, along with a new Instagram account covering players from the 1970's (located here: https://www.instagram.com/1970sfootball) I am replaying the entire season but with 16 games. I am only playing a few teams manually each week. I started week one by playing the Jets against the Browns and the Jets lost a heartbreaker due to a pass interference call and two missed Jim Turner field goals. I then played Minnesota and got stomped as Len Dawson passed all over my defense. The Purple People Eaters had a good day up front though.

If you want to see the full Jets game replay see the YouTube video below. Also in this post is a picture of the final stats. Snell had quite the day.

Janerrus Homebrew adventure: Return to Town

I got nailed with the flu and that has taken me offline for about a week for D&D and streaming. But last Tuesday I managed to prop myself up enough before the flu really set in to play the next round of the Janerrus Home Brew my friend made. This is mostly a return to town, RP session and I still have to level up my characters. So this video isn't the most exciting of things to watch but you can get a sense of how much had to be done once I returned to town with all 4 of my characters.