Monday, September 12, 2011

Star Wars The Old Republic Hutt Ball full game video

It is not all about questing you know. Sometimes you need to settle in for a friendly game of Hutt Ball and just smash other players.

Full video below via YouTube


Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Rifting we will go go - then what?

So in a concerted effort to get back into MMO's I have been revisiting RIFT lately hoping to ignite the spark I lost over a year ago. While RIFT is about as generic a fantasy MMO you can get and does not offer up anything new I haven't seen before it is well polished and makes it tolerable.

The problem with fantasy MMO's is that I just don't care anymore, especially if they are new. They have a shelf life of a good population of about 6-9 months then burn out. RIFT for example will be dead when Star Wars launches. As it is right now there are few alts in RIFT that I can see being made and that is a bad sign. WoW remains the king as lame as it is nowadays. Other games have smaller populations but most of them are inhabited by level capped elitist snobs such as in EQ2 (a game more broken than ever).

So RIFT it is if I do not want to suffer through the throngs of retards in World of Warcraft. I still laugh at level capped RIFT players though as they take their dailies and little raiding instances so seriously. In a few months all of it will mean nothing as their cities go dead and the game loses a majority of the players it has due to being a clone of everything else on the market. I just cannot get excited about the lore and the end game. Do I really care if Regulos does this or that? Nah...not really. In EQ1 I DID care about what happened to Norrath. In WoW I DID care about killing the Lich King. Other than that I cannot think of one generic fantasy MMO with some cut and paste lore attempt that I can care about.

My necromancer is level 23, my warrior is level 28 but he is so boring I doubt I will go back to him. Lets see how far I can get this necro before Star Wars launches and I bid farewell to fantasy MMO's AT LAST. It has been since Tabula Rasa that I have been this excited over a sci fi MMO. I tried to get into Star Trek but knew from beta and from the fact that Cryptic had it that it would be destined to fail and go free to play.

Ah well at least my rogue pet looks cool. The MMO population continues to get watered down and dumber with age as more and more of these types of games get released and thin the population down to noobies that want things the easy way. RIFT is no exception but at least it WORKS as opposed to some other games (anything by Sony Online for example).

Expect more Star Wars updates in the upcoming weeks.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Star Wars Old Republic Podcast list

Want to bone up on your knowledge of the game waaaay before launch? Check out this mega list of podcasts posted on the official SWTOR forums:

Who knows I may start my own when the game launches lets see how much free time I have.



Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TOR Wars interviews SWTOR’s Georg Zoeller

TOR WARS website sat down with Georg Zoeller who is Star Wars the Old Republic's lead combat designer. They discuss tactics, combat design and more in the interview.
How do you go about designing a combat system that will keep players excited and motivated for numerous hours a day, potentially over a number of years?

Options. The Advanced Class system allows characters to fill several roles within their class and through our skill trees we offer multiple types of gameplay with a lot of depth. This goes a long way to making sure players can get the most from their class.

Read the full thing here:

Battlefield Academy announces Operation Market Garden add on

For more information about BATTLE ACADEMY Operation Market Garden, check out the product page.

With 8 single player missions and the introduction of a campaign mode where you have to possibility of carrying over your units from mission to mission, Market Garden adds a complete new level of gameplay to Battle Academy and is a must have for all the fans of this award winning strategy gem !

Additionally a brand new add-on is now also available for both PC and Mac: BATTLE ACADEMY Operation Market Garden challenges players to use all their tactical skills to capture Arnhem bridge and secure a crucial victory against the Germans in one of the most complex engagements ever fought. Eight brand new single player missions, four multiplayer maps and the introduction of a campaign mode which includes carrying over units from mission to mission, make this new add-on an incredible package that any BATTLE ACADEMY player will just have to have to play.

“We listen to our players as much as we can,” said Iain McNeil, Development Director of Slitherine. “We have been asked for a campaign mode and we know this has been the top demand from our players. It took us a lot of development resources and time, but we decided that we just had to bring this to our loyal fan base, and it makes the expansion an amazing package. We are sure we are going to make a lot of our fans happy with this one”.