Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Marvel Dice Masters unboxing in pictures

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Marvel Dice Masters tutorial

Wildstar Beta Play from weekend of 4/25/2014

Wildstar beta weekend has come and gone. Probably the last one I will participate in. I have seen enough to know what type of game it is and make a decision later to purchase. Not sure I have it in me to go through yet another level grinding MMO for end game gear and the like. I have been avoiding those lately.

Anyway here I am playing my last alt:

My Elder Scrolls Online observations

So yeah. I had this long response for another post but then I realized I didnt want to derail a thread about someone actually ENJOYING a game. Its not good taste. So I will post it here and let people lambaste me. Lets talk Elder Scrolls Online: Well this is a touchy subject for me. Not trying to argue or down one's opinion. I know that its hard to discuss points on the internet without someone being offended or getting defensive.

I think the negative reviews about this title revolve around: "we have done this before in Skyrim." This just has people. So when I log in I get bored real fast. For example my modded Skyrim has better quests, better tradeskilling, better dungeons, better NPC interaction and I don't have to deal with annoying people getting me whacked in instances or just being annoying in general. Also the game feels a bit console-ish. I guess I just cant take it seriously. Now granted the death animations are great and some things are well done but it feels like a stripped down Skyrim game. Controls and hit boxes seem off.As well as the invisible walls and the strange classes the game uses.

 Now take away all the garbage about 40 mans and the graphics of Wildstar. The game will LAUNCH COMPLETE for the most part.

Housing: check.
PVP: check
Endgame: check.
Dungeons: Check
Lore: check
Crafting: check.
Diverse starting areas: check

 I feel when the next big thing comes along this game will fade fast. Course what do I know I still play Secret World. Also is it really complete? There are many things in EQ2 that this game doesn't even do yet. Or RIFT for that matter. I just think its odd that people forget about these other more complete games and insist that those games get old and worthless just because of a new launch. Yet there are features in those games that dont even exist in this game. It baffles me. Perhaps this is why I stay out of MMO discussions.

I mean why not just stay in the one you have been playing? That's why I play these older MMO's. I look at the new title. I say "does it have A,B or C" No? Ok well then I am not leaving. What's the point? Now should there be housing in games like Secret World? God no. maybe an apartment would be cool. But that game already features some things that no other MMO does. So I am content for the devs to focus on more storylines and investigations.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Iron Eagle IV...yes they made one

It wasn't enough that Jason Gedrick even turned this film down but they had to hire an actor that LOOKED like him and had the same first name? Jason Cadieux (star of...nothing). Just when you thought you had seen every bad movie ever....there is always an Iron Eagle IV to keep you in line. But wow what a breakthrough performance by Joanne Vannicola eh? 

"While Chappy Sinclair is saddled with a bunch of misfits and delinquents for his flight school, he turns to his protégé Doug Masters to assist him in rounding the into shape for an important competition. During their training, they stumble upon a group of subversive air force officers who are dealing in toxic waste as a sideline."

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This is how Chicago radio rolls

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Secret World Round 3

More #SecretWorld. Shit this game is REALLY good past the opening area. I decided to tank now, but screwed up and put my SP's into damage and not suitability. That is easily fixed though. I am using Sword/Elemental. Pretty easy taunt mechanic. Equipped passives that give me a lot of DoT's and minimal healing. Having a dedicated Blood Healer would be nice though. Working my second character through to the Savage Coast with girlfriend who is DPS Pistol/Sword

One of my rewards was a sword mould (Vet Account item store reward) and it gave me a sweet graphic on my weapon. And yes ladies thats right...CHEST HAIR.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Crying boardgamers and their "fair" house rules

Lately I have lost every single #boardgame I have played. I have lost consecutive games of #EldritchHorror and #ElderSign as well as#CallofCthulhu  LCG. I am starting to see a pattern here: I am cursed by the Old Ones. 

Of course on Boardgame Geek there are those that seek to fix these "hard games" because they feel it is unfair to actually lose something and their poor gaming group doesn't have fun. Quit your crying. So there are things that happen in game that cause you to miss a turn? Well boo hoo how sad. They believe that every game should be won with happy rainbows and smiley clowns. I'm getting a little sick of these people trying to nerf every hard game on #BGG and rating it down because some Euro Gaming whiner in their click cries about not being able to do something on a turn because he took a stupid move.

How about trying this one for size: How about getting devoured by an Ancient One and dying instantly by a sequence of events set forth by your OWN TEAMMATE. +Don Anderson spent a night in jail in Rome due to some lewd conduct no doubt and then in order to get out made a pact with evil. When the time came to pay up guess what? He had me devoured. Try that on for size. 

I am going to try to solo Eldritch Horror this weekend and hopefully my colossal awesomeness can overcome being handicapped by backstabbing teammates. Lets see how it goes. 

I game for the stories and the mental exertion. Honestly if I miss a turn or we lose I find it funny. If someone in my gaming group gets their pants in a wad and starts whining about the gameplay mechanics in what is otherwise a great game I would just laugh harder. Kick back and relax. Enjoy the ride. I was bored as all get out playing Descent 2 but I didn't complain. Well maybe after I lost 3 times in a row as the Overlord but no one remembers that right?

Heroes of the Storm: the MOBA that is barely a MOBA

The MOBA that is barely a MOBA. 

So far it is fun but man is this a stripped down MOBA. It causes you to focus on tactics and combat rather than gear. Blizzard also threw a few changes in there such as recruiting the creeps you would normally hunt for gold. There are also underground areas that you can go into while fighting goes on above. There are numerous events you can unleash and the leveling is pretty much brainless. For a MOBA hater like myself this makes the game much more appealing. You can even summon a mount to make those tedious returns to the front after you get owned more enjoyable.

As you play just focus on tactics and winning. The game does the rest. You will get XP and when the time comes to choose a level based reward you will pick a new talent ala World of Warcraft. Therefore you can change your playstyle on the fly. There are walls to batter down, healing fountains back at base and a few other hidden surprises. So far I would much rather spend my time in a MOBA like this than League of Legends or DOTA 2. Basically it is the MOBA for MOBA idiots like myself and those that shun them in general. Or even for those that don't understand them which seems to be the entire player base over the age of 35. 

Here are some Tech Alpha screenshots: