Friday, April 18, 2014

Crying boardgamers and their "fair" house rules

Lately I have lost every single #boardgame I have played. I have lost consecutive games of #EldritchHorror and #ElderSign as well as#CallofCthulhu  LCG. I am starting to see a pattern here: I am cursed by the Old Ones. 

Of course on Boardgame Geek there are those that seek to fix these "hard games" because they feel it is unfair to actually lose something and their poor gaming group doesn't have fun. Quit your crying. So there are things that happen in game that cause you to miss a turn? Well boo hoo how sad. They believe that every game should be won with happy rainbows and smiley clowns. I'm getting a little sick of these people trying to nerf every hard game on #BGG and rating it down because some Euro Gaming whiner in their click cries about not being able to do something on a turn because he took a stupid move.

How about trying this one for size: How about getting devoured by an Ancient One and dying instantly by a sequence of events set forth by your OWN TEAMMATE. +Don Anderson spent a night in jail in Rome due to some lewd conduct no doubt and then in order to get out made a pact with evil. When the time came to pay up guess what? He had me devoured. Try that on for size. 

I am going to try to solo Eldritch Horror this weekend and hopefully my colossal awesomeness can overcome being handicapped by backstabbing teammates. Lets see how it goes. 

I game for the stories and the mental exertion. Honestly if I miss a turn or we lose I find it funny. If someone in my gaming group gets their pants in a wad and starts whining about the gameplay mechanics in what is otherwise a great game I would just laugh harder. Kick back and relax. Enjoy the ride. I was bored as all get out playing Descent 2 but I didn't complain. Well maybe after I lost 3 times in a row as the Overlord but no one remembers that right?

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