Friday, April 18, 2014

Heroes of the Storm: the MOBA that is barely a MOBA

The MOBA that is barely a MOBA. 

So far it is fun but man is this a stripped down MOBA. It causes you to focus on tactics and combat rather than gear. Blizzard also threw a few changes in there such as recruiting the creeps you would normally hunt for gold. There are also underground areas that you can go into while fighting goes on above. There are numerous events you can unleash and the leveling is pretty much brainless. For a MOBA hater like myself this makes the game much more appealing. You can even summon a mount to make those tedious returns to the front after you get owned more enjoyable.

As you play just focus on tactics and winning. The game does the rest. You will get XP and when the time comes to choose a level based reward you will pick a new talent ala World of Warcraft. Therefore you can change your playstyle on the fly. There are walls to batter down, healing fountains back at base and a few other hidden surprises. So far I would much rather spend my time in a MOBA like this than League of Legends or DOTA 2. Basically it is the MOBA for MOBA idiots like myself and those that shun them in general. Or even for those that don't understand them which seems to be the entire player base over the age of 35. 

Here are some Tech Alpha screenshots:

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