Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Druid Deck level 10 in Hearthstone

Worked on the  deck today in #Hearthstone. Did the daily quest to get 3 wins for the gold and crafted a Nourish card. It was much needed as my Druid deck was always running out of cards late.

Deathwing helped in a battle today. I actually got the card out and in play and then sickeningly buffed him with +1 Attack. Took out a Hunter deck player with my final attack for 13 damage. 

Druid has reached level 10. I had to trim some cards I just never used from other class decks. I decided to craft and arcane dust some Paladin commons and some Warlock commons because I wont be playing those class decks anytime soon. Once I got 100 Arcane dust I made a Nourish card. It did come in handy. Drawing 3 cards late in the game is crucial. Especially when I have 10 mana just sitting there.

The Hungry Crab combo of playing a 1 point murloc then killing him to buff the crab is funny and effective.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hearthstone beta

FINALLY I got into the Hearthstone beta. I just played for about 5 hours. 

My nastiest combo ended up being a magic coin to give me 2 mana on turn one, then casting two mirror images, all with taunt. This gave me 4 minions on turn 1. IF I got this draw in my first hand I won 100% of the time. Its a nasty combo. Only happened twice for me

Before I tweaked this deck I lost 7 times in a row.
Started off rough. My best deck was my Mage deck at first but then my rogue deck caught up after a lot of tweaking.
Started off rough. My best deck was my Mage deck at first but then my rogue deck caught up after a lot of tweaking.

Quite a good first night in #Hearthstone. I earned about 3 free packs I think, unlocked 9 out of 9 of the classes by beating them all against random players on the webz and finished with 13 wins

I like TCG's and deck building. Plus you really have to give it thought and strategy and tweak your decks. Gameplay is great, you can earn and craft cards without busting your wallet, and reasons to level are worth it.

I built a mage deck that centers on summoning tons of murlocs ive just been randomly playing people all night

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Latest round of baseball card auctions on Ebay

This week going up on Ebay I have:

1978 Autographed Grand Slam Card lots. One is an 8 card autographed lot and the other is a 6 card autographed lot.

You can view them all here:

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen cards

I love the look of these cards. A full hobby box does have some nice inserts but I am not fond of the whole "mini card" revolution. I find it a pain to find another way to store different sized cards and I feel the value for the "hits" on these mini cards is weak. To me they seem like a gimmick.

The latest box I got was a little of a letdown. I opened nearly all the packs and did not find an autograph until the last three packs. The autograph card is a Matt Carpenter. While we all know you don't get full value for cards like this it does book for 50.00 in the Beckett scheme of things.

Week 6 C'MON MAN

Brandon Weeden.....worst NFL pass ever

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fantasy Baseball championship at last!

Finally, for the first time in almost 10 years, I have won the league I was in for Fantasy Baseball. Back in about 2003 I won my CBS Fantasy League. I have had several runner ups and close calls but I have not ever won a Yahoo league.

Fantasy Baseball is a much more trying past time and endeavor than most other Fantasy sports. You have fix your lineup every day and watch things very closely. You have watch matchups, hot streaks, injuries and more all on a daily basis.

Do that for 4 months and then try to win an entire league of 12 teams. So I suppose this post is a small pat on the back to myself. I would love to return next year with same team (Yellow Dinosaurs) but each year I join a new league to keep it fresh and fun.

I guess my biggest moves were picking up replacement players this year and really focusing on pitching. Players like Sonny Gray and Matt Adams provided a spark I needed especially when I lost Albert Pujols.