Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Druid Deck level 10 in Hearthstone

Worked on the  deck today in #Hearthstone. Did the daily quest to get 3 wins for the gold and crafted a Nourish card. It was much needed as my Druid deck was always running out of cards late.

Deathwing helped in a battle today. I actually got the card out and in play and then sickeningly buffed him with +1 Attack. Took out a Hunter deck player with my final attack for 13 damage. 

Druid has reached level 10. I had to trim some cards I just never used from other class decks. I decided to craft and arcane dust some Paladin commons and some Warlock commons because I wont be playing those class decks anytime soon. Once I got 100 Arcane dust I made a Nourish card. It did come in handy. Drawing 3 cards late in the game is crucial. Especially when I have 10 mana just sitting there.

The Hungry Crab combo of playing a 1 point murloc then killing him to buff the crab is funny and effective.