Monday, December 16, 2013

RAPTR Bug Fix: Cannot manually add a game

Okay then, we're gonna need to nuke some files.

  • Close Raptr
  • Press the windows key +r then type %appdata%
  • Find your Raptr folder
  • Rename it to old_Raptr
  • Restart Raptr
  • This will treat you like it's your first time signing into Raptr, so you'll need to sign back in to Raptr (and any other connected accounts)

Lord of the Rings LCG Journey Down the Anduin prep

I have been playing primarily with a Leadership deck. It is comprised of the following cards:

According to a statistical breakdown the Leadership sphere has a good balance of everything. So onward I go with this deck into the next adventure Journey Down the Anduin. I will let everyone know how it goes.

I then read the following advice and may have to adjust my deck even further:

"The most broken cards in the core set are Steward of Gondor, Eowyn, Sneak Attack (w/ Gandalf), Test of Will and Northern Tracker, so just use those cards. Fill up the rest of the deck with cheap allies and the best of what's left, and choose heroes with the lowest starting threat you can possibly muster. Beating Journey Down the Anduin should be pretty easy from there"

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Starbound patch notes and help

Many of us have been consumed with Starbound lately. The game is quite complex. A few threads on the forum offer help to newcomers of the game:

Hi guys, so last night we pushed the major balance update. We’d tested it for hours and at the last minute a bug crept in that broke crafted weapon damage, making them crazy overpowered.
Hence the name of this version.
We’ve decided NOT to wipe characters or worlds. This means if you already have overpowered items or planets they will remain that way. We’d recommend starting a new character to assist with beta testing.
That’s been fixed. It was an interesting bug. The old leveling system used a “level” specified in each swords configuration file. The new system no longer uses “level”, instead each sword is hand balanced.  The bug that crept in at the last moment reenabled “level”. Given that they are now unused, levels weren’t changed from their previous values that went all the way up to level 100, and now that the game is leveled up to 10, they were massively too powerful. 
- Uranium, plutonium and solarium now work as fuels
- You can now REALLY craft a grappling hook
- Boss balance has been tightened even more
- Platinum armor is now unlocked on tier 5
- You can now ‘recapture’ pets
- some more fixes 
More coming ASAP! It’ll take us a little while to balance everything just right, so please hang tight.
Community Guides Starbound Master Thread

So what exactly happened with this patch? The description is a long one so rather than cut and paste here is a FULL explanation of the damage changes:

Monday, December 2, 2013

A few Lord of the Rings LCG links for the new player

I would like to point out a few articles and PDF's that helped me get started:

FFG Easy Mode LOTR LCG: The learning curve for the higher level quests can be hard especially after doing the first Core Set quest Passage Through Mirkwood. FFG has rules for a more forgiving version of the game here:

Deck building tips for new players. Again another excellent article on the FFG site (where I go to get 100% of my questions answered in the forums)

The Cardboard of the Rings YouTube channel. The best podcast about the game and the videos show a lot of play ideas and deck suggestions:

Boardgame Geeks File section:

These are a MUST for the new player, especially the Universal Head THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE CARD GAME Rules Summary & Reference PDF. You can basically play the game right off of that sheet.

OCTGN: the online client for card gaming. Great for playing with friends if you cannot travel and good for testing decks before you build them with the real cards:

Sunday, December 1, 2013

How to start a OCTGN Lord of the Rings LCG

Starting a Lord of the Rings LCG contest in OCTGN is fairly odd but here are the steps (this assumes you are using a core set starter deck not one you make your own).

First follow the install instructions on this website:

Now launch OCTGN

Go to PLAY tab and click START

Accept the default password and such (or change it if you want to. Once you start a single player game no one can join anyway).

Click START again in the lobby 

Load the QUEST deck you want to play (in this example Passage through Mirkwood)
The cards will automatically be loaded and the setup will be done automatically. Decks are located where you installed OCTGN.

Now load your player deck. Either one you created or a default core set deck such as shown below:

The game is launched and you are ready to start ROUND ONE. Your initial hand of 6 cards is drawn for you. Remember you can RIGHT CLICK and take ONE mulligan if you want.

PLEASE NOTE: Player cards are listed on the player tab and the ENCOUNTER deck is listed in the GLOBAL tab.

Player Tab:

Encounter Deck Tab (click GLOBAL):