Monday, December 2, 2013

A few Lord of the Rings LCG links for the new player

I would like to point out a few articles and PDF's that helped me get started:

FFG Easy Mode LOTR LCG: The learning curve for the higher level quests can be hard especially after doing the first Core Set quest Passage Through Mirkwood. FFG has rules for a more forgiving version of the game here:

Deck building tips for new players. Again another excellent article on the FFG site (where I go to get 100% of my questions answered in the forums)

The Cardboard of the Rings YouTube channel. The best podcast about the game and the videos show a lot of play ideas and deck suggestions:

Boardgame Geeks File section:

These are a MUST for the new player, especially the Universal Head THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE CARD GAME Rules Summary & Reference PDF. You can basically play the game right off of that sheet.

OCTGN: the online client for card gaming. Great for playing with friends if you cannot travel and good for testing decks before you build them with the real cards: