Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Apparently I'm on some Trion kick lately

I have been playing a lot of their games the past month. From RIFT to Archeage (even though they didn't MAKE that game) and now Defiance. 

Spent 4 hours in Defiance last night. With the DLC the game has actually become pretty fun. I started over as a Castithan and got my character to 199 EGO (which is like a skill level in The Secret World) in one night which is a pretty good grind. We were far up toward San Francisco and fighting things we had no business fighting. Inside the Ark, trying to get salvage, was pretty epic. 4 loot chests at the end led me to having a nice retinue of weapons by the time I logged out.

Monday, May 12, 2014

RIFT returns

Along with the Secret World I play a lot of RIFT. I have since it launched. It is my third most played MMO at this point coming in behind WoW and Champions Online. I always go back to RIFT though. It is the second most fun I have had raiding and being in a guild after World of Warcraft. Lets face it it is hard to conquer 10 years of WoW history good times and bad. That and EQ1 will always be my most fond online games. But RIFT has presented me with the most return time lately and taken over the majority of my online time when I am not in Secret World or messing around in other titles. 

I am located on Fae Blight now after being on Wolfsbane for a while and Deepwood. Right now I am on the Defiant side as they win PVP the most. I am working on a new cleric and a warrior however I lean cleric more and more as I like to heal dungeons. I have two roles built: pure damage and pure healing. My Dimension home is looking pretty cool as well. I spent almost an hour working on it last night. I find Rift provides the most well rounded MMO experience on the market. It has most of the features I look for and does it fairly well. 

The way I look at it is this: why jump from game to game when one title already offers everything you are looking for? Housing, mentoring, LFG finder all those things are here. So before I leave for another title I look at the features. If it doesn't match up then I dont bother with the hype. I just keep trucking along. My loyalty level is deep into the blue already. A great feature that vets should love. Everytime you use their in game currency it goes up too. So when I buy those cheap Dimension items for 1 to 34 gems I use that instead of in game money and I get loyalty XP. All in all RIFT is still a blast and still very populated. Now I just to catch up and get back into raiding.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

ArcheAge Alpha Character Skillset selection video

The parking garage in The Secret World

Took a break from #ArcheAge  tonight to go back to the Secret World to continue questing in Savage Coast. We cleared most of the early part of the map and are working our way West. 

I also completed the solo part of the call back to London to see what the Templars wanted with my shotgun based character Newhouse. Orders were simple: check out the parking garage. Of course nothing is as it seems in this game. Armed with a Miner's Lamp and my wits I set about exploring the lower levels of the garage armed with flares and my trusty shotty. What I found was pretty spooky for a computer game.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Savage Coast in The Secret World

Another zone oozing with theme and cool spots to visit we finally hit the Savage Coast as a duo tonight. This game has great atmosphere and quests going further into the storyline. I actually watch the cut scenes in this game as opposed to one like The Elder Scrolls Online because its not the same fantasy tripe bullshit you see in every other MMO. 

We closed some rifts and called it a night after about 3 hours and I think I am close to tanking Polaris. I finished the Champion deck and got the Kill Bill outfit as well. We will still backtrack to finish up some earlier quests and then crafting with all our kits to burn those up since my inventory is full of them. Also we both got the call to go back to the big city and talk to our "masters" so I am sure no harm could come from that....right?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Marvel Dice Masters addiction

So as I was fearing Marvel Dice Masters turned out to be more fun than I had originally thought. 

The game has some common misconceptions however. Many people view it as a "buy and win" CCG type of thing but it is far from that. While the collectible aspect is nice it is not required. Also many people question whether or not to buy TWO starters. It is nice to have your base heroes all have four dice. However I have found that characters 6 and 7 cost rarely get all those dice out.

Each "hero" card can support 4 dice usually which means a better chance of drawing them from the bag. Some have one die more some have one die less. I decided to go all out and get 4 or whatever of all the dice if I could but Black Widow is proving to be the toughest score for me.

The game is perfectly playable with a starter set and spending 10-20 dollars on the 1 dollar booster packs can be fun and will not break the bank. Every card can be countered (even the Ultra Rares) so spending a ton of money will not buy you a win. Also you are limited to how many dice you can use in a game. So you cannot go stacking 4 dice on all 6 or 8 hero cards.

The game is brilliantly deep and complex and plays terrific in under an hour. I have not had a blow out game yet they have all been close. So far this is my game of the year boardgame wise.