Saturday, May 3, 2014

Marvel Dice Masters addiction

So as I was fearing Marvel Dice Masters turned out to be more fun than I had originally thought. 

The game has some common misconceptions however. Many people view it as a "buy and win" CCG type of thing but it is far from that. While the collectible aspect is nice it is not required. Also many people question whether or not to buy TWO starters. It is nice to have your base heroes all have four dice. However I have found that characters 6 and 7 cost rarely get all those dice out.

Each "hero" card can support 4 dice usually which means a better chance of drawing them from the bag. Some have one die more some have one die less. I decided to go all out and get 4 or whatever of all the dice if I could but Black Widow is proving to be the toughest score for me.

The game is perfectly playable with a starter set and spending 10-20 dollars on the 1 dollar booster packs can be fun and will not break the bank. Every card can be countered (even the Ultra Rares) so spending a ton of money will not buy you a win. Also you are limited to how many dice you can use in a game. So you cannot go stacking 4 dice on all 6 or 8 hero cards.

The game is brilliantly deep and complex and plays terrific in under an hour. I have not had a blow out game yet they have all been close. So far this is my game of the year boardgame wise.