Sunday, May 4, 2014

Savage Coast in The Secret World

Another zone oozing with theme and cool spots to visit we finally hit the Savage Coast as a duo tonight. This game has great atmosphere and quests going further into the storyline. I actually watch the cut scenes in this game as opposed to one like The Elder Scrolls Online because its not the same fantasy tripe bullshit you see in every other MMO. 

We closed some rifts and called it a night after about 3 hours and I think I am close to tanking Polaris. I finished the Champion deck and got the Kill Bill outfit as well. We will still backtrack to finish up some earlier quests and then crafting with all our kits to burn those up since my inventory is full of them. Also we both got the call to go back to the big city and talk to our "masters" so I am sure no harm could come from that....right?

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