Monday, May 12, 2014

RIFT returns

Along with the Secret World I play a lot of RIFT. I have since it launched. It is my third most played MMO at this point coming in behind WoW and Champions Online. I always go back to RIFT though. It is the second most fun I have had raiding and being in a guild after World of Warcraft. Lets face it it is hard to conquer 10 years of WoW history good times and bad. That and EQ1 will always be my most fond online games. But RIFT has presented me with the most return time lately and taken over the majority of my online time when I am not in Secret World or messing around in other titles. 

I am located on Fae Blight now after being on Wolfsbane for a while and Deepwood. Right now I am on the Defiant side as they win PVP the most. I am working on a new cleric and a warrior however I lean cleric more and more as I like to heal dungeons. I have two roles built: pure damage and pure healing. My Dimension home is looking pretty cool as well. I spent almost an hour working on it last night. I find Rift provides the most well rounded MMO experience on the market. It has most of the features I look for and does it fairly well. 

The way I look at it is this: why jump from game to game when one title already offers everything you are looking for? Housing, mentoring, LFG finder all those things are here. So before I leave for another title I look at the features. If it doesn't match up then I dont bother with the hype. I just keep trucking along. My loyalty level is deep into the blue already. A great feature that vets should love. Everytime you use their in game currency it goes up too. So when I buy those cheap Dimension items for 1 to 34 gems I use that instead of in game money and I get loyalty XP. All in all RIFT is still a blast and still very populated. Now I just to catch up and get back into raiding.