Thursday, June 26, 2014

Warlords of Draenor Collectors pre ordered

My return to WoW will be through this expansion and the level 90 boost I get. I have about 5 level 85+ characters but in my mind Pandaria was so bad I just gave up on the game. So I may use the boost for a clean start and a Horde Warlock. At any rate I will gradually be playing off and on until the expansion launches. Mainly I want to see garrisons.

Wildstar level 50..will I stay?

My most hated mob remains any variety of Stemdragon or Scorpion. They are highly annoying and only get worse as you level up

Overall its the first MMO I have capped in since my downtime MMO of Star Trek Online last year. So that is saying something. Was it fun? Sure. It was also frustrating as hell. Im a little let down over the dungeons and the ability to PUG since I like grouping. At some points I actually wished for WoW dungeons again. And thats sad. 

My most hated zone was Grimvault. Especially the 49-50 area which was an annoying biolab with a teleporter puzzle to get to several areas. I ended up passing on that and heading back to my capital city to take the quest to go to Crimson Badlands

When I couldn't stand questing anymore I ran the level 40 Adventure Crimelords of Whitevale over and over. In fact that is where I dinged 50 while doing that. It is good XP and takes a really lame group to even fail it.

Forget dungeons. They are not an option. You will only get heartache and a large repair bill. People just do not grok them yet. Skip em. Unless you are in a guild. 

Adventures: for the most part these were terrible as well. The MOBA one and the Tower Defense one sucked. I did not open the level 45 one yet or the 50 dungeon or adventure I will do that later. 

Quest quest quest. Do every quest in each hub and make sure your faction is good before you leave. The faction vendors in each area have some good housing items and sometimes gear.

Overall I liked the Medic "ok" as DPS. I wanted guns and honestly I picked the wrong class. Spellslinger will be next and I am going to shift my Medic to healing and test him out in low level adventures.

If you quest don't worry about bounty boards. Skip em. You will simply waste time standing around waiting for people to show up or for a group. 

I ended up with a level 50, two level 16 alts, a 7 and an 8 as well. So I actually had a lot of playtime in there. My Path level finished at level 14 Explorer and I still have to go back and do all those.

Dungeons are the letdown of the game. I expected them to be hard. However I did not expect shitty XP and virtually no chance of completing the things WHILE I leveled up to 50. With PUGs at an all time impossibility in this game and raiding a almost non factor for me my staying power other than leveling alts may go away once WoW's Warlords of Draenor hits. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

June has been Wildstar month

Nothing but Wildstar this month for me. So that is what I have been doing. Level 40 as of this post, the level cap is 50. Of course it won't end there. There is much to do at 50 much like most other level capped MMO requirements. Except ones that are horrible like Elder Scrolls Online.

So there is not much to report. Yes the game is difficult, yes the attunement is real and yes it can be grindy. But it is fun and has a ton of features not present in other MMO's even after a year. The housing is great and the crafting is intricate and interesting.