Sunday, March 18, 2018

Liberty or Death: Short Sprint Scenario Turns 1-2

This special scenario in the back of the LoD rulebook has only 20 event cards and no brilliant strokes. I will be playing the Patriots and French.

The opening card is "British Prison Ships", and the first faction is the British and they play the card.

"More Patriots died through neglect as prisoners of war on British prison ships than died in every battle of the war combined"

Shift two Cities one level each toward Passive Support. Charlestown and Norfolk get shifted randomly.

The Patriots are up next and they decide, with George Washington, to move on New York state. The amount of forces they have staged in Pennsylvania allow them to move in force on New York and they plan to skirmish with the next ability. As they enter New York state they discover an Indian War Party. In the skirmish phase they eliminate two units of British regulars and lose a Colonial unit in the process.

The Patriots had moved in 5 colonials and George Washington. Perhaps overkill perhaps not. Now that the Patriots out number the British (by 1... 7-6 total, including the Indians there) they seize control of the province. The casualties are added to the box and the casualties amount is raised on the record track.

At the end of that card the Brits and the Patriots go to ineligible. The next card flipped favors the rebellion and its Comte d’Orvilliers Builds a Fleet at Brest. The French play the shaded event and raise the FNI, taking three resources from the British and blockading New York City. This also takes 3 precious resource points from the British.

"In 1777 D’Orvilliers was appointed Lieutenant-General of the Navy and worked to prepare the navy for conflict with the British including the preparation of a fleet in Brest"

Play goes next to the Native Indians, and per the flowchart they gather to raise forces. South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia are the targets. Per the flowchart they then trade ONE with the British (who didnt have to trade at all but were nice), this exposes a war party in South Carolina (one MUST be exposed when trading) and that part of the turn ends. 

The British fall to 2 resources and the Indians raise to 1.  More to come..

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