Sunday, September 23, 2018

Smolensk 41 Gold: Part 2: Counterattacked

Well I can tell I under estimated the PC AI because apparently the Soviets are able to mount some large counterattacks to unravel all the work I have done.

I stormed east with a large force to capture Gorki, only to find it undefended.

Meanwhile the Russians have moved massive amounts of armor south of Orsha and are mounting a fierce attack to retake the city. My only problem is I had moved the majority of my strength east expecting resistance near Gorki. Now I have units racing BACK west and meeting Soviet infantry reserves and being delayed. How long can Orsha hold now? It is turn 14 of 25 and I have a victory if I can just hold on.

The 15th Infantry is the closest to help at Orsha but they are meeting a defense picket on their way north now. 


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