Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Well I can’t let 2007 end without getting one more meaningless post in for December, which turned out to be my heaviest posting month since I started this little shindig.

I got sick over the weekend, really hit me on Sunday so I won’t be doing anything tonight. I haven’t been playing too many games but it looks like the wife and I are ONCE AGAIN shifting back to WoW full time. Something unclicked in Tabula Rasa and she lost interest in logging in. I on the other hand tend to go where she is willing to play along with me so I will probably be leveling that tauren shaman. God help me. Why why why! Her new mage is already 23 and blowing me away and her Blood Elf priest hit 43 last night. She is a machine. I’ll catch up sometime, but I am just not as into as she is. I think I am starting to get tired of games for some odd reason. I watched the Final Cut of Blade Runner last night and the ending was totally different from what I remember. The scene with Deckard and Rachael driving out to the country was wacked. At least from what I remember.

So everyone have a good new year party and I will be back once I feel better and can talk about gaming with a clear head once more. See you in 2008!