Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hi Def update

One thing about entering a world of new technology is you have to study up on the things you are getting. So we got our HD TV and it is all in place and hooked up, but then I found out that I had a basic XBOX 360 and only the elite has a HDMI port on it. Ok no biggie, but the cable to enable my XBOX 360 to look snazzy is like 40 bucks. On the other side of things, a standard HDMI cable is 40 bucks or more. I went on Amazon and found these cables for $2.35 a PIECE. I ordered 5 of them, 3 for me and 2 for a friend. I did get one cable with a higher transfer rate for my new upconverting DVD player this weekend, just to be sure I had a top line cable for watching movies. That puppy set me back 30 bucks and the DVD player was only 79! The TV I got has really good reviews and so far everything works fine. There are some strange settings to check into if you want what is considered the best look for the TV in a dark room watching a movie. I found this link here to give a step by step menu list of what one user set his to. Almost like adjusting the sliders in MLB 2K7. I guess my point in all this is: it is never just a simple plug in and play the TV type of thing, no matter what people say. Of course I am also over picky about how my movies look. The Matrix for example (the first movie) looks no where near as good as it should because they have not upgraded that DVD since 1999. Well, they have in a way, but you have to buy the Matrix Complete Collection which is a 10 disc set. The original movie has been digitally remastered in that collection but not on its own.

Speaking of the XBOX 360, the console got a major update this week. You can read about at this link here.

So my weekend consisted of sleeping, sleeping, watching movies and sleeping. I took Monday off to mess around with the new TV and fell asleep. TWICE. I don’t know if I was crashing because of the lack of caffeine in my system or what, but I slept a lot. Normally that is not like me.

I added a few entries into my TR blog about expanding the scope of the stories to include my Specialist as well as my Soldier character. I think it will be interesting to see the battles from a doctor’s point of view and a frontline trooper’s point of view. Now if I could only stay awake long enough on a weeknight to write more.