Thursday, February 21, 2008

GenCon regroups after Chapter 11

Some of you may or may not have heard that GenCon, usually regarded as the best and largest gaming convention in the world, filed for Chapter 11 a few days ago. As stated on the GenCon website:“The protections afforded by Chapter 11 will allow Gen Con to further its efforts to address its liquidity needs, preserve value for its creditors and explore strategic alternatives for the business.”I have many fond memories of GenCon Indianapolis.
I have been going there since 1995. I have seen it move from Milwaukee to Indy and watch it get bigger and bigger every year. I usually get to see the newest video games (last year it was Warhammer Online, which got me into the beta) and play some great RPG’s and boardgames with gamers from all over the world. In my photo section here on GAX I have put up some GenCon photos from years past, and I will add some more later. In the photos you can see people playing Warhammer Online, Wrath of the Liche King and other games coming out this year. I was a little shocked by this news, as I thought they had cut back on Con locations to save money and consolidate, but I guess it was not enough.

This year due to personal reasons I will not be able to attend, breaking a Brett Favre like 12 year streak for me. Since I cannot go, I may go to Gamesday or possibly even Wizardworld Con here in the Chicago area.