Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Massive list of Panzer Command: Kharkov improvements

Matrix Games has a nice little post on their forums detailing exactly what Panzer Command: Kharkov will update over the first game, Panzer Command: Winter Storm.

Here are some of the details, but if you are a wargamer head over to the Matrix Games forums and check out the rest of the details.

What’s New in Panzer Command: Kharkov!

• New Scenarios and Campaigns
o German Kharkov, May 1942, 14th Panzer Division, (8 Battles)
o Soviet Kharkov, May 1942, 169th Rifle Divison, (8 Battles)
o German Mcensk, October 1941, 4th Panzer Division, (4 Battles)
o German Kursk North, July 1943, (3 Battles)
o Boot Camp Tutorial (6 Battles)
o Plus additional individual battles and updated Winter Storm campaigns for Winter Storm owners (48 scenarios total if you own Winter Storm)

• Updated Manual
o Includes all the new rules and comprehensive tables on game modifiers and effects as well as detailed editor documentation and a full historical background of the Kharkov and Mcensk campaigns
o Separate tutorial guide

• New Random Battle Generator o Create new battles from 1941 through 1945 on the Eastern Front, choosing from a variety of map and force templates as well as battle options for each side. The resulting battles are virtually infinite in their variety, while maintaining realistic setups and force composition thanks to the predesigned templates (which are also customizable).

• New Random Campaign Generator
o Choose a time period, a number of missions and a core force and progress through a series of randomly generated linked battles
o Also supports semi-historical and historical campaigns o Includes support for unit equipment upgrades for longer campaigns
o Design and share your own Random or semi-Random campaigns

• New Spring and Summer Maps
o A variety of new maps that are both historically accurate for the Kharkov campaign also combine to give a representative variety of Eastern Front terrain.

• Trenches and Foxholes
o New trenches and foxholes provide more cover for infantry against enemy fire and make them harder to spot
o New gun pits provide covered firing positions for field guns and vehicles

• Minefields
o Anti-personnel and Anti-Tank minefields are now supported for all scenarios.
o Density and area can be defined and minefields can overlap.

o Minefields are initially visible only to friendly forces and must be discovered by the enemy