Sunday, March 2, 2008

Warhammer 40K: Building the Eldar army 1

Ok so I reported how I was getting back into Warhammer 40k and today I decided to build my HQ character and my Dire Avengers. The Dire Avengers came in two box sets, each one contained a Wave Serpent.

I thought that knocking out 10 plastic miniatures would be easy, but how wrong I was.

First the HQ unit was a big pain in the ass. All metal of course and I plan on using him with Swooping Hawk wings so I knew those would be a pain to attach. The actual model, all painted, looks like this on the GW site. I am going to give him a Reaper Launcher though to give my noobie army sone long range anti-armor punch.

So I started assembling the HQ unit and then moved on to the Dire Avenger squads. Each Dire Avenger required removing the plastic flash from the plastic first off. Flash is the molding stuck on the model after you take it off the sprue. I had to start by attaching the legs to the base first, and then had to "base" the model after that. Basing is where you add fake gravel to the stand to make it look like the model is walking on land or terrain.

That took a while since I had to wait for everything to dry. Little did I know that the Dire Avenger torsos were in two parts and had to be glued together so I started on that next. Then I had to attach the waist sash to each of the leg units to finish the lower part of the models. Between the basing and the gluing of the torsos and adding the sashes the entire project took at least 2 hours. I had forgotten how much time it took to make an army look good and I hadn't even started painting anything yet. I am going to let that dry over night and then get back to it later next week depending on my work schedule. It is hard to not just toss these models together, but one of the pacts I made to myself on coming back to the hobby is that the army would be PAINTED and properly table ready when I decided to play a real game.

Next blog entry I will point out exactly what my army will consist of with Army Builder 3.0.