Sunday, December 28, 2008

End of year update before it goes away

Ok I am back after a long Christmas and ready to put some love into my blog once more. First off hope everyone had a good holiday and got what they wanted, if not then I am sorry. I myself did pretty well as far as Blu-rays went.

I scored the Matrix Ultimate Collection on Blu-ray from my better half, then also got a Best Buy gift certificate which I used to by the 2 disc collectors edition of The Mist on Blu-ray. I also got as a gift Reign of Fire. All movies that I watch a good amount and love to have added to my collection. As everyone knows I am moving soon (Jan. 5th) so with 30 dollars in Target gift cards got a powerfull little Dust Devil upright vacuum cleaner. I also got a slew of Dunkin Donuts coffee and gift cards as well to help me function on a daily basis.

I still have some birthday gifts wrapped up and waiting for me so who knows what goodies are under the tree still.

I have been super busy in game getting the guild, named Aftermath, up and running. We are now pretty consistent with about 10-13 on per night, even over the holidays, and still recruiting. Recruiting in game is hard and so far we have captured maybe 3 worthy applicants. Otherwise all my work has been done on forums that cater to various MMO’s. We have some really great level 80’s that are working on helping out the rerollers and lower levels. We are even doing crazy things like 6 manning Onyxia and crushing instances in single pulls for those people that need them.

My warrior has hit level 72, not much but still a good start before I am out for moving and super busy. I want to at least get him equal to my horde priest at level 73 so that I feel the switch to alliance is really complete. One thing I am noticing is that there is almost NOTHING for prot warriors in the quest rewards department. It seems that Blizzard is really steering people toward DPS specs and encouraging those that want to tank and work hard at it to really suck in 5 mans. I am still living off my Kara gear and everything I earned before Lich King but have replaced my main weapon and my shield. Other than that I have tucked away a nice set of DPS stuff should I ever decide not to be a real warrior and do my job. Sorry, I had to get that in there.

Other than that, not much going on. I have been neglecting the blog because really I do not have too much to talk about. Just the new guild (still looking for players so email me if interested), moving and presents.

The Bears mercifully missed the playoffs this year. Thank god because I didn’t want to hear or deal with another week of them in the news for any reason whatsoever. On the flipside, my Broncos pulled the ultimate choke and became one of the only teams ever to lead a division all year then lose that same division and a playoff spot on the last day. I can always look at the bright side though and be happy they are not the Detroit Lions who went 0-16, the first time a team has done that in NFL history. Really guys? You couldn’t even beat the Bears? Pathetic.

I am still holding my year end review post until the last possible day of the year, so ummm…Wednesday. Other sites have already put theirs up and blown their wads. Not me, I want to really wait until the last minute to get those 10 readers of mine caught up on one of the crappiest years I have had in a while. Can’t wait!

Until then, more World of Warcraft and more work on the new guild.