Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lost theories

I have NOT watched Season 4 or any of Season 5 yet, so no spoilers please. After watching the end of Season 2 again, where the hatch blew and the huge electromagnetic pulse went off, I was starting to form a theory especially after the end and Penny getting a call about a blip on the radar.

The callers in the arctic monitoring station said “did we miss it again?” which leads me to think that the first few times the numbers in the hatch flipped to hieroglyphics may have lowered a barrier that made the island invisible to the outside world.

Just wonder, WITHOUT ANY SPOILERS, am I on the right track with this?

Chime in if I am. Or if I am just dumb. Wait no don’t tell me if I am dumb. I get enough of that already!

I have seen all of Season 3 but I do not remember them really answering that issue yet. I know that some crazy stuff is going down in season 5 and I know season 4 was wacky.