Friday, July 31, 2009

Wargaming weekend

This weekend it is back to some really staunch wargaming titles that I do hope to get some after action reports up for. Hicks may beat me to it with Birth of America, but I do hope that I can nail down the instructions and learn Napoleon’s Campaigns to at least tackle the demo outright by Sunday morning.

While many of the games developed by AGEOD use the same engine as Birth of America and American Civil War, they all add on to one another and introduce little features you will have to put some effort into finding out about.
Despite being over two years old AACW, the second of four games produced so far by AGEOD, (Birth of America™, American Civil War™, Napoleon’s Campaigns™, and Wars in America™) continues to be this young company’s big winner. According to Thibaut, the game is still selling as many units as a year ago and user input is as strong as ever. As long as that continues the game will continue to be improved, and continue to evolve.

Hey speaking of games, if you decide to buy any of these poke around over on my favorite site for war game purchases, NWS Online. Run by a group of wargamers and people dedicated to supporting independent publishers, you will find some REALLY good deals there. I saved over 30 dollars on the purchase of Birth of America 2 and Napoleon’s Campaigns.

I have been on a new turn based wargame hunt lately, to get my fix when RTS games just get on my nerves. I have played a bit of Dawn of War 2 and Company of Heroes but of course most RTS games really skimp on the level of accuracy and simulation that I am looking for. Although I get some really epic battles in Company of Heroes, that is a WW2 game most suited for the ADD generation and really doesn’t suit my wargaming needs (sure is pretty though).

On another scale, I am still trucking away at Spore and recently reinstalled Civilization IV again, with all its expansions, to play on my laptop on the way in and out of work. Who needs sleep anyway? I can do that when I am dead.

I actually have so much on my plate now that I have removed the non expanding metal band that was around my brain put there by MMO’s that I cannot find the time to learn half of what I need to learn.

On the flip side my IQ is going up by the hour as I am forced to read books again to get my brain around things like the Battle of Borodino as well as other fascniating historical things I meant to read up on long ago. I guess that is a good thing right? Although I am sure I ruined a few cells drinking Old Style at the Cubs game yesterday.

Ok more later, once I decide to take up the battle of Guilford Courthouse and can report back!