Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Champions negatives with tried and true responses

Bio Break has a great post up today nailing everything that is wrong with Champions (besides the fact it’s a clone quest engine game):


(And no Syp I am not trying to say you are all negative on it now however it is good to see SOMEONE point this stuff out).

To be predicted, which is why I am not playing, however we still have people creating excuses for a game that was shoddy at release which I recognized in beta and convinced me not to buy it.

As I have preached over and over I am no longer in the business of instantly buying any MMO because it is released let alone fall like a sucker for a lifetime subscription. Complacent comments? Sure thing. Lets make more excuses to justify wasting money right now:
The rubber banding caused by high latency in CO is litterally like sitting at the end of a rubber band with someone extending and contracting it quickly. When it’s bad, it can make you feel quite ill.

I agree wholeheartedly about the UI being unresponsive. It basically takes a click-spam to activate any of the change-zone buttons, and I’ve noticed quite a bit of UI lag when it comes to blocking.

I think that if they address a lot of these issues in the first quarter of their release Champions could become a very solid if not great game. – HUDS NOTE: Nothing like forking over money to be a beta tester, good job!

In my opinion, Champions could turn out to be a great game, but they are in the same boat that Mythic was in just after launch (HUDS NOTE: which was…RELEASING A POOR GAME yet you still all bought it didn’t ya!?

I am sure that a “Positives” post will follow on some blog (because people cannot say bad things about a game and leave it at that) wherein they mention cool costume creations and “combat that is NEAT!” however I am no longer sold and wasn’t 4 months ago. I still don’t see any cool blog posts about people’s adventures in the game or how much neato fun they are having. Could it be because you are simply being led from quest to quest with predictable results? If not, prove me wrong.

Let the backlash build. I don’t buy into a game to hope it gets better and neither should you.