Thursday, September 3, 2009

Late Summer hard drive cleaning

Here is where I stand trying to consolidate everything on my gaming PC. I run Windows Vista 64 bit and usually when I buy a new computer or have one built and shipped from Dell I immediately reformat it upon setup in my office. The last time I bought an XPS however I did not do this. I did REMOVE all the Dell software put on there as a pre install (which wasn’t much because luckily ordering a XPS gaming machine is very customizable) but no hard drive format occurred. The reasons for this were numerous but much of it revolved around being lazy. So I have had this machine for a year now (as of June) and it has not failed me yet. Despite the atrocious amount of games, software apps and all around junk I have put on, taken off and moved about the machine still works pretty quickly.

I finally went over the list of games in my second chop session and found quite a few that still lurked in the dark corners of my hard drive. Among the things I removed:

Perfect World International

Chronicles of Spellborn

Older DDO client

Lord of the Rings Online

Company of Heroes online Chinese client

Aion and that annoying NC Soft launcher

Champions Online closed beta client

League of Legends closed beta

UFO Afterlight

Everquest 2


Universe at War (one of the WORST RTS games I have ever played)

Men of War demo

Theatre of War 2 demo

Sim City 4

Guild Wars

Atlantica Online

Surviving the cut yet again:

Half Life 2

I was actually quite amazed at the amount of junk games still leave behind even when you tell them to UNINSTALL. So for now, my hard drive is pretty clean again and I hadn’t even remembered I had set it to defrag once a week at about 3am on Wednesdays.

I still have the majority of my shooters on my drive as well as some MMO’s and tons of wargames. I am tempted to do a wipe and reinstall of the OS but right now re-patching Company of Heroes and all the trouble I went through would just not be worth it. Yes, it was that bad.