Thursday, December 24, 2009

Aww how cute: a blogger war ends

Oh sell out emo drama queen....
In the spirit of christmas, and after reading Genda's post about the issue, I decided to unilaterally end the blog war with Syncaine. My apologies for reacting so angrily to his posts, his way of stating "facts" I believe to be false got to me. You won't hear again about him here. I deleted his blog feed from my newsreader.

Such dumb crap. Bloggers fighting each other over the internet, thinking their opinion matters to anyone. Get over yourselves. Too bad Tobold and Syncaine can't end each others blog in a giant nuclear fireball from hell. Of course then I wouldn't be able to laugh so much reading their love spats. I would also miss Syncaine's insightful posts about how PVP games will conquer the world and Darkfall is so awesome. His reverse advertising for hits on his blog is pretty clever. Also who could go a day without more Captain Obvious posts from Tobold like:

"Hello WoW players, how should I play my healer? I heard rumors they are needed in groups. Discuss!" or "I don't know if you my readers knew this but there are QUESTS and then there are QUESTS! Which do you like?"

On an up note have a good holiday everyone! I know I will!