Monday, December 28, 2009

Busy WoW holidays and tanking again

Running a guild and trying to get it up and humming is taking a lot of my time, as is equipping my warrior to be an off tank in 10 man raiding. I have had to switch all my time to him and really plow ahead and gear him up with run after run each night.

Other than that I managed to get some games on STEAM this holiday season during these insane deals the digital distribution site is running.

I am also back heavily into Borderlands so picked up The Island of Dr. Ned DLC content. I rebuilt BOTH my gaming systems to Windows 7 over the weekend so I am still working out the tweaks on that.

I also got a new nVidia 240 GT video card to treat myself, upgrading from a 8800 GT that I had been using for about 3 years. That card was a workhorse but also HUGE, the new card is half the size and does not require an onboard power connector to be used.

So busy holidays coupled with a LOT of game playing means little to no blogging. Nothing interesting to report really other than I am trying to learn to tank all these instances that I skipped over leveling my rogue and it has been fun.

On one hand, Q'ing up as a tank means I have no down time. On the other hand, tanking as a warrior and not using the EZ Mode paladin that most people tank with has been challenging to say the least. My 80 paladin is stripped and naked back on another server, and I am going forward with the warrior because it is most what I am used to.

I also have a 62 shaman that is elemental and fully decked out in heirloom gear. I plan on replacing my 80 priest and 80 rogue with this character since evidently Blizzard feels the need to make rogues all but worthless since AOE DPS'ing is where it is at. Failing that I can always spec the shaman enhancement and do my thing. She is already dual spec'd into resto and elemental so I am good to go.

I said SHE yes. I didn't want or I could not tolerate another retarded looking Draenei male character. For me it is bad enough they have the DUMBEST looking mounts in the game but the males just look stupid. I had to go female if I was forced to play one.