Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009: Looking back Blunt Force Gamer style

Well I guess if I have to look back at everything I played for the most part it was a giant collection of failed MMO's (what a terrible year for MMO's) and a ton of first person shooters.

Other than that most games were total shit.

I am not going to go into great detail about each title but I will list a few:

Biggest Let Down: Champions Online. What a piece of dreck. The best fun was watching all the idiots that dropped a ton of cash for lifetime and 6 month subs to get this game. Told you from the beta it sucked. And now Star Trek Online will follow suit. I took a punch to the balls on this one after the shit title that is Warhammer Online kicked me in the stomach. I predict more free to play garbage from these two titles this year as their player base shrinks.

Worst RTS I played for about 2 hours: Universe at War: Earth Assault. This game had me assaulting my recycling bin within a few hours. I even was loaned this title to play it. Price tag in the Target bargain bin: $5.99. Not even worth it.

Best RTS I played: I relived Company of Heroes a TON and also Dawn of War 2. Yeah I know CoH is not 2009 but this is a list of what I played so deal with it

Biggest Hyped Game I cannot Finish: Fallout 3. Everytime I go to play I cannot get into it. I feel like I should be playing an online game where this stuff counts and is saved.

RPG I was done with without even really trying: Dragon Age: Origins. I just couldn't get into this one. I don't know what it is. Maybe too much chit chat or the way it feels like the entire game was created by scenario designers on the forum I don't know. But by level 3 I was bored and moving on to Torchlight.

Best Console Game I played: I shut my XBOX360 down due to lack of fun, but I did have a blast in Red Faction: Guerilla

Best Console Game I played on the PC instead of a shitty console: Red Faction: Guerilla and good old Mass Effect 1

Biggest MMO Surprises: Fallen Earth, Runes of Magic expansions and the suprisingly good Allods Online gameplay. Would I play any free to play MMO as my main. Nah. But still they were worthy of hard drive space for at least a week. Fallen Earth is not F2P but as a niche title it is doing well and dispenses with the usual cliches.

Favorite First Person Shooter: Borderlands. I hate the multi player, it sucks ass and Gamespy can die in a fire. However the single player game is addictive as hell and environment is cool and unique with awesome characters and emotes.

Grindiest EMO MMO I tried: Aion. Holy shit the goth teenagers prayers were answered with this one. I lasted until...level 10.

Biggest First Person Shooter Let Down: Deadspace. Got it cheap, but hate the controls and the gameplay. Not a big fan so glad I did not pay full price. Not better than Doom 3.

Best Wargame I Played: Birth of America 2 and Napoleons Campaigns (TIE, same creator). Also a nod out to Field of Glory by Slitherine which I picked up near the VERY END of the year. AGEOD keeps making awesome games but now they have been bought by Paradox so that is probably the end of that.

Worst Wargame I played: Europa Universalis 3. No thanks. Paradox keeps releasing buggy over inflated games that last about 1 hour on my hard drive. Blech. This is really a strategy game, but I simply cannot stand the combat, the real time crap they try to force on it and the overall interface.

Biggest Wargame Letdown: Empire Total War. I don't know what it is but past the oooh and ahhh factor the game has no staying power with me. This was my last attempt in the series. I am done. The ship combat was cool though.

Best MMO: Do I need to type this. It continues to be World of Warcraft and their LFG Dungeon Finder system was a better release than many so called "Triple A" MMO titles.

Biggest Gaming Letdown: My entire XBOX360 console, from the rip off that is XBOX Live to the lack of titles I find even remotely interesting to play on my 52" HD TV. Back to the PC I go. I wish I had gotten a PS3.

Best game I keep reinstalling on Steam: TIE. Call of Duty World at War and any Left 4 Dead title. Nothing beats the total destruction, violence and gritty realism of these titles.

Award for dumbest trend that people fall for: Pre ordering shitty MMO's that people don't even try out before they drop 60-70 dollars on them. When will you people learn to stop supporting this garbage.

Coolest Movie I Saw that was not a huge blockbuster: The Road with Viggo Mortensen

Worst movie I saw in the theater: The Stepfather. And yes I even saw Obsessed with Beyonce. Stepfather was THAT bad.

Best WoW Podcast: Blue Plz with Total Biscuit. Preach the truth and do not stop.

Worst WoW Podcast: I don't really have a worst one, except for WoW podcasts that do not TALK ABOUT WOW. Look I realize it gets slow, but don't tease us with crappy show notes. Some shows are annoying and I guess the one that I unsubscribed to was Casually Hardcore. I just didn't click with that one. I need to go back and see if it has changed.

Predictions? I don't really have any this year. Not much to say that isn't obvious.  I will enjoy seeing the majority of bloggers getting ripped off again by another Cryptic title as they post about it for around 3 weeks then forget about Star Trek Online. I look forward to more expansions for shooters and RTS games coming out and probably a bunch of really shitty MMO's taking a dirt nap and going away for good.