Friday, January 1, 2010

Blunt Force Gamer's 2009 prediction check: not too bad

Ok looking back at the old "What I predict in 2009 post" from my old blog site, here were my predictions and what did or DID NOT come true:

Spellborn and Darkfall will flop hard. These games can barely get released in the North American market let alone hold a substantial playerbase. One of them will go free to play.


I think RMT will now make us pay more for our games and the sad thing is we won’t notice it until we do the math.


Some sort of drama will ensue at WoW Radio and yet another podcast will get cancelled and someone will leave the station…AGAIN.

SORTA TRUE. A few departures but overall the station was quiet and we got more Blue PLZ which I can never get enough of. Not sure when the whole WoW Insider thing went down or The T. left so this may have happened in 2008.

On the fence bloggers will continue to avoid actually slamming MMO’s that are failing attempting to remain neutral to avoid ruffling feathers (and losing readers).


I will continue to be ripped for playing WoW. Apparently if you play a game that can actually hold subscribers and function with a working client you are a moron.


I will catch flack for running a guild that appears to be successful (where 80% of my members are garnered from World of Warcraft gaming sites). I know what players want, how to give it to them and what makes a happy community. I consider myself the Bill Parcels of World of Wacraft. You can talk junk about me all you want behind my back. By the way WoW is my domain and my MMO so I think I know what works and what doesn’t. It’s a video game, relax.

KINDA TRUE. That guild folded due to a lot of douchebags, but we are back now and having more fun with nicer people

I think that Sony will close Matrix Online and Pirates of the Burning Sea will sail off into the sunset.


I will post something that causes me to lose even more readers because I speak (err blog) my mind.


Tobold will gain a free beta invite to SOMETHING and then get some sort of kick back for mentioning it on his blog.

TRUE, but he had to admit it.

Miley Cyrus will do something to totally ruin her image.

FALSE. Dammit

Daniel Craig’s movie Defiance will kick a lot of ass. Speaking of Craig, Peter Travers has backed me up on my dislike of Quantum of Solace. Thanks!

Kinda true. The movie didn't do so well at the box office. Meanwhile the Bond film didn't either

The phrase “EQ2 blah blah blah” will be uttered once more on the ”Shut Up We’re Talking” podcast.


Age of Conan will shut down and we won’t see any major releases in 2009.

Dammit. Close, but no cigar. It did go free to play for the first 20 levels

The phrase “Triple AAA MMO” will thankfully die. Why? Because there are not that many and there never will be. I can count three. Two of them have been around for more than 4 years. I will let you guess my third choice.

Just about. You don't see too many people using this with the flops of Warhammer Online and Champions Online showing them that I was right