Sunday, January 17, 2010

Busy weekend: STO and Fallen Earth

Played a lot of games this weekend, none of them World of Warcraft. Something snapped in me last week and I cannot log back into the game right now. Usually when that happens...I am done.World of Warcraft had another blow up with my psyche which made me realize that the struggle with the people that play overbears my enjoyment of the game. Thusly I have decided to pull out and cut my losses before I loathe it. Resigned as tank for the guild and announced I was taking a prolonged leave of absence.

Also I have moved on to more immersion oriented titles like Fallen Earth and managed to (believe it or not) find a scant sliver of enjoyment in Star Trek Online. In Fallen Earth I am still playing two characters each one has a different weapon specialty. Taking my time on this one and breathing it all in. One character is in South Burbs and the other is in Midway.

As for Star Trek Online well what can I say. Not sure what it was but I think that teaming up with a buddy in STO during ship to ship combat was one of the neatest things I have done lately. I scares me also. I don't want to admit that Cryptic hit a sweet spot for me but maybe just maybe they found a way to make it fun. The game is buggy as shit and plays like garbage when it is crowded but damn that ship combat. Damn it to hell. As a Trek fan it hits that little sweet spot that has not been addressed in so long in other games. Still the problem is 80% of the rest of the game stinks.