Friday, January 15, 2010

Dresdox: Fallen Earth explorer

Welcome back to life Dresdox.

I have spent enough time convincing others to play Fallen Earth so I figured it was time for me to jump in. I need some sci-fi in my life and with the collapse of the Hellgate: London idea, Tabula Rasa and my inability to comprehend Eve Online I decided to delve into Fallen Earth. My co-worker and long time friend had recently picked it up and his brother is the clan leader of a popular casual clan. I had some connections going in and knew I wouldn't be totally alone.I had gotten decently into Fallout 3 but every time I played it I couldn't help but think I wanted to be online with other people doing more mundane things in society.

Along with a gaming buddy of mine we both purchased the full game updating our trial accounts and set about preparing our ATV's for life in the harsh wasteland.

I am no stranger to the game I was in the closed beta for a bit and got familiar with what it was all about but now it seems it has progressed leaps and bounds beyond where it was earlier in its inception. I did my pre character creation prep, read up on the starting cities and focused on what later faction I wanted to side with (Techs of course... down with the hippies).

To me Fallen Earth is the Everquest of this generation. The game is a little rough around the edges (melee combat in particular is laughable) but it has a certain charm that hooks you if you are an older school MMO player because it does not FORGIVE. Sure there are no corpse runs but there are plenty of opportunities to be stupid and then regret it.

Case in point: Me in the first 15 minutes of my active account. All excited and thinking my ATV was some sort of "pet" I used my ATV key without READING and spawned it in the middle of....a building. The tutorial start building to be exact. Of course when I went to get on it or put it away I lacked the skill and suddenly realized that in this MMO things you PUT in the world stay PUT. They don't magically go back into a bag.

Once I picked a starter town I was transported there and guess what. It put my ATV into the garage and I would need money to get it towed. Well since I was brand new I had no chips and I had no way of getting my really cool free purchase item.

Amazingly in the help channel actual LIVE BREATHING GM's were there talking to the players. I gave one a tell and after a mighty guffaw I explained to them that my "ride" had vanished because of my stupidity in spawning it inside a building. I was told to enter a support ticket and sure enough later that night:
You should have a key for the Fallen Earth ATV in your mail in game. If you have further questions or problems please reply to this email so that we can continue to help you to resolve your issue.

Now I have to wonder how much of a chuckle that gave the person answering that support ticket. Lesson learned. In a quirky way I love you Fallen Earth. More of that please. Dresdox is born, he is ready, and he is going to start going for rifle skill and crafting his ass off. Just as soon as I learn how to park my ATV somewhere safe.