Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Global Agenda: A look into the Recon class.

Ahh, Global Agenda, how you remind me of several stellar games of the past. Some of you might look at it and go aha! Tribes! And yes, there is a great resemblance. Others, myself included, and probably the vast majority of people who may read this review on the Recon class will say it is the hybridization of a few species. Namely, the team based, twitch, non-realistic FPS. I'm talking the Unreal Series, Team Fortress Classic, Quake, Doom, Tribes, you get the picture.

In any case here is a dive into the Recon class. The Stealth, sniper, over made class. Before jumping into a huge discussion, i'm going to list some pros, cons, and a few videos. You may see a few in both categories, as some traits can be a saving grace and a boon. Mostly notably depending on who is behind the keyboard. (PEBCAK anyone?)


  • Great survivability (If you're not a complete dumb ass)

  • Play style flexibility

  • Very Fun to play

  • Lone Wolf


  • Poor survivability (Dumb asses apply here)

  • Competition for AvA spots (AvA = Agency vs Agency. The territory control portion of the game. )

  • Lone Wolf

  • Very skill dependent

Now to discuss these. As for the pro's its pretty straight forward. If you're not an idiot you can use the skills available to the class to either destroy whomever is attacking you, cloak and disappear, or create a decoy of yourself and then disappear.

This feeds into play style. The Recon unit has two "paths" to follow. A melee ninja-esque frantic hope for a back stab style. (An attack with a melee weapon from behind counts as a back stab strike and deals a significant amount of damage). Or alternatively, and what most do, the asshole sniper. Because of this classes ability to cloak you can really have fun with irritating the other team with pot shots or with quick un-cloak, blade flashing, Klingon war scream melee storm.

But if you don't choose the right moment to attack...

You'll be that retard who is constantly dying. Which is why careful choices impact the success of this class. If you're sniping, snipe from a smart spot and move constantly. If you're running around flailing about like a karate chop G.I. Joe doll. Know the appropriate time to pop out of cloak and attack. The class has a lot of utility skills, mines, fire bombs, a decoy for Christ sakes. Use them.