Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Global Agenda's Name Reserve and Head Start

Looks like today is the end of several betas: STO and Global Agenda. Good news is, there are early start events for both of them. I only really care about the Global Agenda news though.

Here is the information at hand. The beta ends today, I have not seen a hard edge time on what time today. Which brings us to our next point. Members of the Hi-Rez staff will be jumping into random PvP missions and spawning bots and vehicles that are normally reserved for the games meat. I.E. , Conquest mode (Agency vs Agency.) So, if you have not had a chance to experience any of that content during the beta, go ahead and hop in.

Getting away from the beta ending, if you pre-ordered (and if you are playing the beta you have) you can pre-register your name. It is sort of a wonky way of doing it. According to Hi-Rez once the "Live" game is download ready on steam, you'll be prompted to activate it on their website and then you can hop on and create a character. Oh, this all happens on Jan 28th END OF DAY (Once again, there is no solid time given, just a date). One day later, on the 29th, the early start begins where you will be able to take your toons to level 10 only. The early start also ends on Jan 31st. Why? I have no clue. Probably to tweak the servers and give people a little rest time before any bugs that weren't found, (I didn't find many) get worked out.

When the name registration starts, I'll be sure to make a post for our readers. I will also possibly do a step by step guide if it is like doing differential math problems without any sort of calculator or a brain. Sometimes these things can be a cluster fuck.

So for the quick readers and zero to minimal quips...

  • Beta Ends Jan 26th with neat in-game events in the pvp matches via Hi-Rez employees

  • Early Name Registration begins Jan 28th once you are able to download the full game off steam.

  • Early Start starts on the 29th at the following times (Approximate): 3 EST, 2 CST, 12 PST. We will see if that happens. The Early starts ends on 5 EST, 3 PST, 2 CST, on Jan 31st.