Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hellgate: London minus Bill Roper? This may work!

A long time ago I was a fan of the lore and the graphic novel surrounding this title. In fact when I blogged on Hudson's Hideout about it I really got into the storyline and the characters of Hellgate: London. Well as we all know the title didn't work out so great for Bill Roper and his Flagship Studios company. Thrown into chaos by  a poor pricing model, lack of bug fixes, poor management and repetitive gameplay Hellgate: London quickly became the whipping boy for the gaming press in 2008. News has been going around about this title being brought back, and some have beaten me to the punch in terms of posting this (even though I had this typed up way early yesterday).

Sadly Flagship Studios folded and Hellgate: London went away, but I still own my collector's edition proudly because I do love the comics and the stories surrounding the title. Also sadly Bill Roper went on to have another less than stellar launch with Champions Online. Not sadly he is no where near Star Trek Online. Coast is clear, go for it trekkies.
Hellgate London, Bill Roper, and Flagship Entertainment are not involved in Star Trek Online in any way.

Bill Roper is the Executive Producer of Champions Online, and does not work on Star Trek Online.

This thread, it is closed.

"Set in a post-apocalyptic London in the year 2038, Hellgate: London is a fast paced action role playing 'hack and slasher'."

Naturally given my love of the post-apocalyptic setting I was in deep with this game. While it had some issues I will admit, I never got tired of jumping in and playing it. The Guardian class in particular was my favorite. I loved running in there and shield blocking, taunting and charging into demons. The game was fun and I made several blog posts about it before giving up on it once they stopped support.

The good news is that the title is coming BACK to United States. HanbitSoft has since taken over the game and it has been active in Korea and now they are bringing it back to us with the title Hellgate: Resurrection. They are also adding other locales like Tokyo to the game. I personally think this will be awesome and I cannot wait.

This is a long way off however so to get pumped up I have imported my older HG:L posts back into this blog. I have kept the dates intact so if you want to read them you will have to use the Wayback Machine over there to the right ------------> and look up the Hellgate: London category. I should also point out that these are rumors thus far but I can hope can't I? By the way the game had a single player offline mode which can still be loaded and played to this day if you install it.