Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to play a rogue and be better than 90% of the PUG'ers you meet

Tipa over at West Karana is having trouble with rogue DPS.

Granted she is level 55 and really needs to not worry about it right now, but I can give a few suggestions. First off I avoid combat spec. I think that a rogue should use daggers and be proud of it. If you want to dual wield two swords, roll a fury warrior. I raid and will always raid and DPS 5 mans in the good old stabby stabby spec. I don't really play my rogue anymore but my DPS rocked hard even in my mediocre gear.

Next little group of advice:

Go Assasination spec

Get two daggers

No sinister strike with this build. Take it off your hot bar. It's all envenom once the poisons stack

Read this

Read this

Instant and deadly poison

Use this mod:

Now use this mod:

DONE. Enjoy the free tips. You can thank me later!