Friday, January 29, 2010

How to use ground tactics in Star Trek Online

Many people say the ground combat in Star Trek Online is shallow but I disagree. By equipping the right weapons and mix and matching the gear on your away team and having your science officer on passive you can go far. Take your time and get your gear on your officers straightened out and don't forget to make your science officer heal by setting him to passive.Also you can pull around corners in STO just like any other MMO. I also lay out turrets to help as well (I am an engineer).

Put that tricorder to use! Below is a video of me using sniping and grenade tactics as I go OFF the beaten path in a mission and farm some Klingons for skill points and maybe some gear. Remember if the planet is kind of big scan for anomalies also. Don't leave without exploring everything! The video has text pop ups that exlplain what I am doing.

As always all my videos are on our YouTube account here: