Thursday, January 7, 2010

Idiot callers on podcasts

Man I am sick to death of these podcasts that take the time to air really stupid questions from WoW players. You know the types (most on the Instance) that call in and ask advice on how to start a resto druid or level a 34 paladin and where to go.

Really? What is worse these casts actually encourage and help these people instead of telling them to read and look at the GAZILLION amount of guides posted on MMO Champion or sites like Ten Ton Hammer.

I equate this to people in trade chat at level 14 asking for a guild. YOU DO NOT NEED A GUILD TO LEVEL. No one will group with you anyway! Lets face it almost everyone not level 80 is an ALT of a level 80 and in a guild because their main is in it. They didn't join a guild because it is some awesome leveling and community experience, unless you are one of these spam guilds that takes a bunch of level 20 people that hang out in Stormwind. Either way enjoy the dumbass factor.

I am so sick of warriors Q'ing for randoms as a tank and then asking what to pull, what skills they should be using and PULLING WITH FUCKING TAUNT.

Honestly people stop catering to these dense morons that pick this game up and don't bother to learn or study on how to play their class even at level 80. It is a losing fight I know (just ask Total Biscuit) but if you run a podcast at least THINK before you take these on air doofus questions. They are irritating and make you look amateur.  There are very few podcasts that actually cater to the experienced player and I am finding it difficult to keep listening to others.