Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is it any wonder new level 80 players are bad?

"Welcome to world of AOECraft. Where everyone AOE's and hunters do their stupid falling arrow attacks from the sky or whatever that is."

Overheard on our vent last night.

Went through on my 71 shaman and got Magister's Terrace regular and heroic done, also did Shadow Labs. Looking back those Burning Crusade instances were actually HARD. A lot of CC, a lot of corner pulls and tucking groups of mobs away in hallways etc etc. We actually had a few CLOSE calls in there to this day with an 80 prot pally and I duo'ing it. A LOT of trash and a lot of crap the mobs do to you at once. Especially the annoying mind controlling Blackheart the Inciter who took control of the paladin and promptly OWNED my face.

What happened to the game? Soon we will get Triumph Badges everyday just FOR LOGGING IN.

Amazing how times have changed. Ran Utgarde Keep the other day and barely got a spell off as an elemental shaman because everyone just AOE the targets down instantly. Mage, Hunter, and some Retardin. All higher level than me so we blew through it but honestly this cannot be teaching good group mechanics to new players.

Had one person in there with their EIGHT YEAR OLD SON. He was a hunter shooting flares on every pull just to mash the buttons. Sums up a hunter nicely I think.

Not sure where this game will be in 2 years but who am I kidding. I will still be playing it...