Friday, January 22, 2010

Lord of the Rings does a Welcome Back Weekend ...again...

Lord of the rings online is doing another win back event. No doubt in an effort to raise subscriptions for their newly released expansion pack, Seige of Mirkwood. If you do decide to go back no reactivation is required. I may pop back in too see what the new expansion has added if not just to say, "None shall pass!" one last futile time. (It was also named best expansion of 2009.... but I can't recall any other expansions that were released. Mostly just games going to a F2P model or a patch including a decent amount of content.)

The Welcome Back Weekend is from January 21st-25th and you will find yourself with the following bonus'.

  • 5% bonus XP from monster kills. (Also stacks with rest XP)

  • Free Travel from all Stable Masters.

  • Access to the new Gondamon, Tuckborough, and Weathertop Skirmishes. (More if you are invited into a different skirmish by a person who owns the expansion.)

If this sounds like something you're interested in go ahead and check it out. Full information at the Lord of the Rings website after the jump.

Also, I would like to throw awards out to AoC and LoTRO for being able to throw out so many free weekends I may never need to sub to a game again. Cheers.